October 1, 1991

(To the Canadian pilgrims (140 laymen and 9 priests), at Lens, who came to spend a week with me.)

tell them that today, like yesterday, and always, I bless them; let every ear open and hear, every heart open to receive My Word:

all I ask from them is love, fidelity and a continuous prayer; I shall be with you soon; come;

(In the evening)

My Lord,
You have come and revived my soul
and since then a new life trickles in me,
because this Stream flows from Your Own Sanctuary.
Look at Your child, Lord? Alive again!
You have redeemed me, You have redressed me
and You showed me the fathoms of Your Love.
Your fragrance mesmerised me
and Your Beauty left me forever dazzled and hung on You.
Your Tenderness and Graciousness set a spring in me;
blessed be Your Name for ever and ever!
in You every race shall be blessed
and all nations will in the end one day,
united in one, cry out:
“Blessings on him who comes in the Name of the Lord!”
For as the rain allows the earth to sprout,
so will the River1 from Your Sanctuary irrigate Your cities. 2

1 Holy Spirit.

2 Our souls.