September 30, 1991

I give thanks to Your Name
for Your Love and Mercy;
though I live in a place
where I am surrounded by persecutors,
false witnesses and abuses,
You keep me alive and on my feet.
You fill my table,
and like a most tender mother
You feed me with Your own Hand.
O Lord, pity me,
sometimes I have trouble, more than I could stand,
and if I did not have You near me,
I would be finished!
I want a complete peace between brothers.

I say peace be with you! stand up and call My servant! 1 I am the Lord of Peace, not of dissension, and I have offered you My Heart; let no one be deceived; those who linger over grudges for too long I shall withdraw from them My Heart and all the favours I so generously offered them; unless My servant collaborates with love and stops brooding over this sin, I tell you that I will withdraw all of My favours: never model your conduct on the One who divides;

I am giving you a Treasure of Unity, ever so frail; learn to protect this Treasure;



I Am;

little one, saturated by Me, you will not fail Me; at your side I Am and always will be; bless Me for those who never do; reveal Me without fear, without doubt and hell shall not prevail; caress Me, yes, look in My Face and say: “Jesus, I love You; You are my Life, my smile, my hope, my joy, my everything; be blessed;”

come, rest in My Heart and allow Me to rest in yours;

1 Message for someone.