August 5, 1991


Lord, I feel like a boat without oars!
My spirit is far from Yours, help me!

My wretched bride, who is taking care of you? who is taking care of your needs?

You, my Lord.

say: You, My Spouse; I have spoken through your confessor’s mouth; I am your Spouse, happy are you who received this grace; Heaven is your home; we, us?

Yes Lord forever.
My Lord and my God,
I bless You, praised be Your Name.
Glory be to God.

come, rest your head on My Heart, feel this Love I have for you; feel Heaven in you and rejoice, rejoice My little one for your Saviour is with you and it is He who guides you and it is He who forms you to resemble Him; ah …. be thirsty for Me and desire to drink from the Living Waters of Life, I the Lord shall provide your soul with this Water forever; alone you are not, NEVER! …

caress Me with your love, your thoughts, your heart, your good actions; daughter and bride of Mine, I shall help you;