March 30, 1987

it is I, Jesus Christ;

all revelations are from Me; sip from Me; a flower is growing near Me, sipping from Me; My flower, sip while you grow, absorb from Me; come, I love you;

Jesus, I don’t mean to use the language I am using talking to You. It sounds very disrespectful. It’s my daily language but I don’t know another. Reading now books of religious, nuns, the way they talk with You is very different. Maybe they have been taught? I don’t mean to sound vulgar; perhaps my heart speaks.

Vassula, I forgive your ignorance; I will teach you, you are learning; you are realising how wretched you are; nevertheless, I love you; wretchedness attracts Me since I can offer you My Mercy; I have chosen you to show the world My clemency;

I’m not proud (I probably represent most of our ‘modern’ world …) that You chose me because of my bad qualities, and not of merits. I feel like Juda …

lo; 1 Vassula you are not like Judas; you are helpless, ignorant and wretched beyond words; you are My beloved whom I sanctified; I took care of our union since you were unable to; My desire is to form you; I united you to Me, asking you to be My bride;

Jesus, I learned that really nuns do get ‘married’ to You.

yes, they come to Me and become My brides; I delight in them! you were unaware that you could be My bride and be united to Me so I have taken care of our union, see? I sanctified our marriage placing a ring on your finger; work with Me and remember that I am Holy; never forget this;

1 Lo = ‘no’, in Hebrew.