March 27, 1987

Vassula, I love you;

I love you too, Jesus.

how I long for all My priests to be holy since they represent Me; I wish them to become pure, holy, humble and merciful; I want them to allow Me to pour into their heart the superabundant Love of Mine; I want them to draw more from the Riches of My Heart and fill their heart, impregnating it so that it overflows, thus diffusing It all over the world; it is necessary that they seek to understand My lambs and love them, healing them; but to be able to do all this, they must learn to love Me as much as I have loved them; they must learn to love My children as I love them; they must honour My Church;

I desire love; Vassula, tell them, let them know that My lips are parched and thirst for love; what use are sacrifices and rituals to Me, when their hearts are petrified and arid?

I desire to fertilise this wilderness with Integrity; I need warmth, I need a living flame, purity, zeal and an ardent love; allow yourselves to draw from this Infinite Love and fill up your hearts; all I ask from you is faithfulness, purity and love; come, come and repent to Me, come and change your lives; I will exalt you and you will receive Me; I want to remind you of My ways;

I have given you so many messages and signs, signs that you ignore; have you forgotten My words? do not be surprised at the weak instruments I use to manifest My words; why, I could take any one of these stones and change them into devout followers of Mine!

some of you will be seeking for proofs, that it is I, Jesus, who gives you this Message; have I not said, that I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind and that My sons and daughters will all prophesy, that I will display portents in heaven and on earth? My ways are not your ways and My signs, are not your signs;

I am revealing My Face again, but how many of you would believe? I groan with pain, I stifle, I suffocate to watch My seed filled with dead words; fidelity…is this what you call yourselves to be when your hearts are dead?

come, come and absorb from My Heart; I ask you solemnly to repent and amend; love Me purely and honour My Holy Eucharist; yes, all you who deem yourselves just and pious, come and change your hearts; open your hearts and receive Me and when you do, I will unveil your eyes and open your hearing;

Vassula, I will dictate to you tomorrow; you may rest, beloved; have you discerned Me while I was editing?

Yes, Lord, You were at the back of my right arm? Were You there?

I was, yes; yes, now I am facing you, Vassula; yes, feel My Presence as you do; fear not, I will be near you;

come let us rest in each other;