April 3, 1987

I am watching you; remember we are united; I am Yahweh and I love you,

I love you too, Lord!

eat from Me; I love all of you; I have said that My Kingdom on earth will be as it is in Heaven; I will uproot all evil and I will reinforce My devout followers; I am Yahweh and My word stands secure; do not fear little one, for I it is who leads; I am the Most High; I will offer My Bread1 to all mankind thus appeasing their hunger, but I want a return of love from them; I thirst for love; tell them, let them know how My Lips are parched from thirst;

(I had discerned Him, His presence was clear. His lips were dry, cracked, with blisters. He had difficulty talking, as His mouth was dry and His tongue could hardly articulate. He seemed to have come from a desert where for days He was without water. It was a pitiful image.)

1 His Word: His Message.