June 12, 1991

You pursue my persecutors and overtake them
and they cannot touch me;
foreigners1 come wooing my favour
but yet when I go to my own, 2
like poverty at their elbow, like a beggar in want,
to tell them of Your Wonders,
it seems like their ears are sealed,
so that they would not hear Your New Hymn of Love.
Am I to tread the winepress alone
and have not one of the men of my people with me?

is My Own Arm not enough for you? Are My Own Eyes that watch over you day and night not sufficient for you? daughter, soon, I shall show My Holy Face to them, I will inundate your country3 with My Spirit, and Rivers shall flow over, pour out; I shall not hide My Face from them … hope My Vassula, hope … your King will abandon no one;

He shall come with healing ointment in His Hand and cure you one by one; rejoice, My daughter, rejoice; I shall unseal their ears for My Glory;

come, the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven are revealed to you, pray that they may be revealed to them too;

1 The Roman Catholics.
2 The Orthodox.
3 Greece.