June 2, 1991

(Here Jesus deciphers Rv. 21, part of Rv. 22, and Dn. 11:31-39.)

My Lord?

I Am; peace be with you;

soon, very soon now I shall strip off your old behaviour, and your old self, creation, to vest you with My Divinity1 and remind you of the True Knowledge, so listen, My beloved ones, to My Holy Spirit; allow Me to prepare you all so that you may be ready to receive My Kingdom; I, the Lord, invite everyone to share with Me and see My Glory;

My Heart is sick with love for your generation … alas! for those who would still be carrying their sin, coiled inside them as with child, when My Day comes! 2 pray that everyone may be ready when that day comes; ail for your brothers who still live in darkness and have flung My Glory for a worthless imitation, this very one that the prophet Daniel speaks of; 3

I shall speak to you in plain words considering the state of your soul and your lack of Knowledge; I do not come by force upon you with My Holy Spirit to violate your liberty, nor do I come to condemn you; I come to you out of Mercy to give you freely the fullest Knowledge of My Will; through My Perfect Wisdom I come to augment in you the Knowledge I Myself have given you; I do not come to add new things into that which has been given you already, but I come to place My Kingdom in the middle of your hearts;

Citadels! 4 have you not yet understood? have you not yet understood that I, the Lord, live in you? have you not understood that you are My sanctuaries? when I speak to you about heavenly things are you ready to receive them?

listen: Scripture says: “zeal for Your House will devour Me;” indeed, today again My zeal has reached its zenith, and from above Fire shall come down and devour My sanctuaries, 5 I shall transform you, Citadels, 6 into a state of Grace in which you will no longer apprehend to desire My Glory nor fear to admit My Divinity; 7

the Plunderer8 infiltrated like smoke in you, you who are the sanctuary of My Holy Spirit, the sanctuary citadel of My Divinity; Satan’s smoke penetrated through hinges and holes, invading you in your sleep, because you had not acknowledged Me in My Divinity but rather followed your own irrational ideas; I tell you this: I shall fill your darkness with My Light because I intend to wed you, generation, with My Holy Spirit; 9

it has been said that by force the Rebel will feed you one day a portion of Rationalism and the other day a portion of Naturalism with the intention to abolish and extinguish the little light that is left in you, you who are My temple; the Invader10 has invaded many of My Citadels, 11 forcing his disastrous abomination12 inside you and abolishing My Perpetual Sacrifice13 from within you14 to erect in its place a worthless imitation, 15 an image of mortal man, which is an abomination in My Holiness; 16

you are My Holy City, 17

and you, you who allowed My Holy Spirit to flow in you like a River, 18 you are My New Jerusalem, 19 the First-Fruits, 20 those very ones who had constancy and faith; 21 and like dew coming from My Mouth, like raindrops on the grass, you shall put Hope in many arid hearts, because all the radiant Glory of My Heart shall reflect in you, making you glitter like some precious jewel of crystal clear diamond; 22

I tell you solemnly, many of you who are not born of the Spirit shall receive from above by My Grace the Spirit of Truth; the Spirit of Truth shall descend in all His radiant Glory out of Heaven and make His Home in you; My Holy Spirit shall wed you to become His bride, 23 embellishing you by His Holiness, and suddenly the Heavenly things will become visible in your hearts, and My Kingdom unseen yet to the heart shall become visible and crystal clear in all its Glory;

beloved of My Soul, Citadels, blessed are you that will be found blameless; 24

25 (this is My way of teaching you heavenly things; it is not without labour, My child, but be reassured, all that I have to say shall be written and read; this is Wisdom teaching you, My Vassula; I love you and My love for you is everlasting;)

26 I shall let everyone marvel at My first-fruits, and little by little the old world will vanish27 and wear out like garment; 28 only a little while now and all that had been covered shall be uncovered and all that had been hidden shall be unveiled in front of your very eyes;

My New Jerusalems! you, who are the first-fruits of My Love, you whom My Holy Spirit seduced by My New Hymn of Love, you whom I wed, go out to the nations and sing to them My New Hymn of Love; 29 work for Peace, sow the seeds I have given you, be like trees growing by the banks of the River of Life, 30 let your leaves be a medicinal31 balm for the wretched and let your branches bear fruit in holiness;

be My breach-menders, 32 restorers of My ruined sanctuaries; give to those who fell into Satan’s impious nets and were fed portions of Rationalism and Naturalism, and My healing Water from My Breast, this stream that flows out of My Sanctuary, 33 will fill you and make you wholesome; no man shall be able to arrest this rivulet; the stream will keep on flowing profusely out of My Heart; it shall flow everywhere, breaking into several parts, separating into other and several rivulets going into all directions, and wherever this healing Water flows, EVERYONE, sick, lame, blind, will be healed; even the dead shall come back to life again; no one will be able to stop Me from purifying you;

ah! beloved ones, from rebels I shall raise levitical priests; from dishonouring Me I shall turn you into pearls, radiant cities of light to honour Me; and I shall live in you, because you shall be vested in My Own Holiness; I, the Lord, will be in the land of the living, and those who stifle My Holy Spirit and see everything as nonsense, I tell you: I have things that go beyond your minds; I shall demonstrate the power of My Spirit and make your lips open and your heart cry out to Me:


Love shall perfect you; Wisdom shall teach you to acknowledge My Holy Spirit, and I shall make you join the saints too;

I bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; be one under My Holy Name,

and you, who are My chosen instrument to bring My Love before pagans and rebels, continue your journey with Me; allow Me to call you when I wish;

I Am is with you and loves you; come;

1 Allusion to: New Heavens and New Earth (Rv. 21:1).
2 Allusion to: Mt. 24:19.
3 To the unbelievers who do not believe anymore in the Perpetual Sacrifice: Holy Communion. The Resurrection.
4 We are God’s house, a citadel for God. God called out to us, calling us ‘Citadels’. Look at: Dn. 11:31-39.
5 Us.
6 That is: us.
7 Here God means that the unconverted and the unbelievers who refuse the Holy Eucharist and deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, God shall change with Grace.
8 Satan.
10 Satan.
11 Us. Allusion to: Dn. 11:31 – “Forces of his will come and profane the sanctuary citadel.”
12 Sects like New Age etc;.. Materialism, rationalism that lead to atheism.
13 Once these people fall into these sects, or into atheism, they also stop receiving the Perpetual Sacrifice which is the Holy Eucharist. Dn. 11:31.
15 Sects: aping the Word of God.
16 Jesus was weeping.
17 Jesus said this very majestically. Rv. 21:2.
24 Allusion to Mt. 5:19-20.
25 Jesus speaks to me now.
26 Continuation of message.
33 Christ’s Body (Heart): Ezk. 47:12.