May 13, 1991

My child, allow Me to speak to My children by giving Me your consent to use your hand and your time,

I am bound to You out of love, Lord;
am I not Your Property?
So use me fully and as You please My Lord;
for this is my delight.
Come Holy Spirit and invade me.

City!1 whom I came to visit to proclaim My Love through you to all of you, and to heal your sick inhabitants, I shall not let you perish in guilt nor will I wait to see you decay; I shall triumph over you; I am your King, I am the Perfect One, hear Me, and I intend to model you Generation into a reflection of My Divinity; the sinner’s brood I shall consume by a roaring Fire, your Generation will have her wedding with My Holy Spirit, 2 and I shall with My consuming Fire change the surface of this earth into a divine, prosperous and new Earth, and the world of today will be gone;

I shall turn you all with My consuming Flame as pure as gold and transparent as glass, 3 because your hearts will be Mine and in Mine; I and My Father will be your Abode4 and you too will be Our abode; I intend to give you back your divinity, creation, so that My radiant glory will be like a lighted torch5 inside you; then like a sentinel guarding a gate I shall guard you too, from anything unclean which may want to come inside you; 6

I shall make out of each one of you a radiant city, I shall renew you entirely for this is the way I shall have you ready to wed My Holy Spirit; – My Holy Spirit will make His Home in you, transfiguring you to become His Holy City, 7 His Domain and His Property; the world of the present shall be gone and My Will on earth shall be done as it is in Heaven; Love shall descend as love and I, the unseen God, will become visible inside your heart; the hour is coming when you shall no longer grope your way in the dark, since your heart will be lit by My radiant glory; 8 My glory will become visible in your hearts;

come, My child, hear My Mother now, remain near Me, we, us?

Yes, my Lord. I am seduced by You, seduce others too …

intercede for them and I shall come and seek out and save what was lost, 9 read Isaiah 41:17-20; Love loves you;

(Later on:)

(Our Holy Mother’s Message for prayer groups.)

children, I am calling each one of you today to examine your hearts; let your tolerance be your witness; I implore you to re-examine your hearts;

God’s Message to you all is the proof of His Fidelity; God does not demonstrate Himself to judge you, God demonstrates Himself to show His Fidelity in your lack of fidelity; God is seeking your reconciliation; He is coming to take you out of the Power of Darkness and show His Reign on earth; the unseen God will become visible in His Glory in your hearts; and the Heavenly things will become visible in your hearts and the pale reflections of what you have taken as shadows before shall prove their reality;

the Reign of God’s Kingdom on earth is very near you now; I implore you therefore to be ready for this Day; if you say you have died to yourselves and the principles of this world, prohibit then your hearts from fluttering into the world; live for God and place Him as first; have no more to do with quarrels, disputes and accusations, do not allow your lips to condemn you, fear the Lord and Wisdom shall soon come upon you like dawn, the Lord seeks and desires an undivided heart;

I had asked you and am asking you again to pray, pray, pray with your heart; a simple conversation with your Father who is in Heaven, because if I request from you today to offer God an undivided heart, it is to teach you to keep faithful to the principles I have been teaching you;

what is valuable to God is the heart which honours Him by keeping itself exempt from all temptations that lead to sin; if you have disciplined your bodies by fasting, I request from you to discipline also your lips to pronounce only prayers and praises to the Lord; do not allow your lips to condemn you; set your heart, your mind, your eyes and your lips on Jesus and be whole and undivided;

I invite you, dear children, to put all these things into practice, nevertheless without leaving the other values of the Law undone; and remember that the Heart of the Law is Love;

I bless you all;

1 God suddenly and unexpectedly changed tone and His Voice with great force cried out to me calling me “City”.
4 Alluding to – God Almighty and the Lamb were themselves the temple: Rv. 21:22. (Inside us, the “city”.)