May 18, 1991

(For Toulouse.)


I Am;

be in peace, little one, there will be more than one that I shall bring back to Me; I have indeed called you here1 because this is where they need Me;

I love you to passion, always remember this; I draw to Life, I do not repel anyone, sinner or unjust; all of you are My children; My Message is a Message of Love, a call to your real foundations, a reminder of My Word and of My Existence; do not fear Me, fear only the one who pretends he does not exist and draws you ever so maliciously to Death; I am the Light;

come, tell them that this Message is not given to them to draw sensation but to make them realise the urgency, the graveness and the importance of My Call; the urgency of their conversion; the graveness of the condition of their soul; the importance to change their life and live holy; the importance of My Messages which are spiritual food, a nourishing supplement to their spirituality, a medicinal ointment to their wounds inflicted on them in this darkness by the evil one;

I want My children to listen very carefully to all that I have to say: let My Spirit of Truth guide you back to the Truth; let My Spirit of Knowledge remind you of the One and Only True Knowledge I Myself have given you;

I, your Lord and Saviour, bless each one of you;

1 Jesus wanted me to go to Toulouse instead of Montpelier.