April 20, 1991

Lord, I thank You
for making me Your Property and Your bride,
teach those who do not understand
that You do allow Your persecutors to attack me,
because You can also be glorified in this way too.
And You made it very clear
that You will never allow them to hurt or touch my soul.
Make them understand the difference, for a difference there is.

flower, My Cup tastes bitter, but do you still want to share It with Me?

I want to share Your Cup with You.

yes, prove your love for Me by offering your will; be eager to glorify Me, your God, by embracing My Cross; you have become My Property in which I draw My delights out of you; you have entrusted your life into My Hands;

daughter, listen: stay weak for in your weakness I can do great things; be nothing, for in your nothingness I can be Everything; stay silent and in this silence I shall find My repose; stay pliant so that I may shape you into a copy of My crucifix; stay limited, so that My Power will be seen in you; become a model of Myself by being docile, patient, pure, obedient, humble, faithful and in constant prayer, like I was with the Father; never sleep; never cut the bonds you have with the Father; My life on earth was an incessant prayer with the Father, at favourable and unfavourable times;

listen to the Father and do His Will, your food is given by Me, your Redeemer, all that you eat comes from Me to teach you to live the only True Life in Me your God; I tell you truly, do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell; 1

remain in Me and I in you; I shall allow your mortal nature to be put to the test, so that you grow in your trials, but your soul shall not be touched; flesh and blood cannot inherit My Kingdom, so do not fear, through your trials I am glorified too;

abandoned you shall never be;