April 23, 1991

(St George’s Day)

(For Canada)

I come in your country to leave you a sign of My Great Love; I come, I your King, like a beggar in rags and barefoot, to ask you to make peace with Me and ask you a little bit of your love; out of My Boundless Mercy, I bend all the way to you to take you out of your lethargy and your darkness so that you may taste My Great Love for you;

April 24, 1991

(Chateauquay, Canada)

please Me, daughter, and glorify Me;

Help me Lord to proclaim Your Message of Love.

I shall take over completely, so do not worry; I will be standing by you, so come;

April 25, 1991

(Before the meeting I prayed again for the Lord to help me.)

My Vassula, can I ever demand from you something beyond your capacity? daughter, the fulfilment of My Law is Love; Love is the Root of My Law and the other commandments cannot stand if Love is not there; created you are to glorify Me; listen, My Spirit shall invade you; 1 give to Me the families of this nation; give Me, flower, the glory due to Me now; tell them: 2

I am your Redeemer and I come not to condemn anyone, but to save with saving justice, so call on My Name, beloved children, Jesus means He Who Saves; I am at your very doors, beloved ones; I bless all of you;

1 For the meeting.
2 The Canadians of Chateauguay.