April 15, 1991

come to us in full force with Your Holy Spirit.
For, most tender Abba,
as You glorified Your Son and Your Son glorified You,
the hour has come that Your Holy Spirit of Truth glorifies Your Son.
Prove to the world
that Your Word is something alive and active
and not just printed words on paper.
Let Your Holy Spirit
“turn the hearts of fathers towards their children
and the hearts of children towards their fathers”. 1

peace be with you; Vassula, Scriptures never lie; it has been said that in the last days to come, people will keep up the outward appearance of religion but will have rejected the inner power of it; 2 ah! My beloved, will there be any faith left on My Return? …

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit in it, alive and active; like a heart in a body, My Holy Spirit is the Heart of My Body, which is the Church;

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit who gives freely and distributes its gifts and its graces, so that the Church gets some benefit;

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, the Reminder of My Word, revealing nothing new, but the same instructions given by the same Spirit;

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, that transfigures, uplifts and turns you into real copies of Myself;

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit this Fire which enlivens you, purifies you and makes out of your spirit columns of fire, ardent braziers of love, living torches of light, to proclaim without fear My Word, becoming witnesses of the Most High and teaching others to look only for Heavenly things;

– the inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, the Life and the Breath that keeps you alive and makes your spirit desire Me, calling Me: Abba; if you refuse, My child, and suppress the gifts of My Holy Spirit, what services will you be able to do and offer Me? do not be like corpses that keep up the outward appearance of religion but reject the inner power of it, with futile speculations thus limiting Me in My Divinity; do not stop those who come as children to Me, living a life of devotion to the Holy Spirit; it is I, who calls them to the wedding of My Holy Spirit;

the secret of holiness is: devotion to Me your God, and you can do nothing of yourselves, unless My Spirit living in you guides you and teaches you Heavenly things; I tell you truly, whoever fears Me will accept My correction; so do not sleep now, for these are the Times when one should be awake and vigilant, more than ever; these are the Times to open your ears and listen to My Spirit and not disregard it; do not play the sage at the wrong moment by pushing the Breath of My Holy Spirit aside and suppressing the inner power that activates My Church;

you want to be prudent? open your eyes then;

you want to be prudent? open your heart and your ears, My friend, not your mind; a prudent person never scorns a warning from the Spirit, only the proud do not know anything about fear; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom;

you want to be prudent? look for the Truth that desperately leans over your misery to save you! look Who is bending towards your wretchedness and your wickedness to pull you to Him and lift you from your graves to breathe Life into you again!

O come! do not misunderstand Me, I am not forcing you nor am I trying to violate your liberty! I have taken pity on you generation; do not say that all I had to say has been said; why limit Me as yourself?

I am the Reminder of My Word, yes, the inner power of My Church and I am free to send you new portents and do fresh wonders; I am free to raise you, generation, and pour healing ointment on you from the Riches of My Sacred Heart, when I wish and on whom I wish; I am building, yes, re-building My Church that lies now in ruin, so do not let Me face you, generation, in the Day of Judgement and be obliged to tell you: you, you were one of My persecutors who pulled down while I used to build; Mercy is at your doors now and My Compassion knocks on your doors in your times of tribulations;

you say yourselves holy? prove yourselves holy by showing Me your adoration to Me; prove yourselves holy by showing Me the souls you are converting and bringing to Me, for My Kingdom consists not in spoken words, nor of an outward appearance of religion, but an Inner Power that only I can give you through My Holy Spirit, if you seek it; feel My Presence and My Love I have for each one of you;

I, Jesus Christ, am present and bless you all out of the depths of My Sacred Heart, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; be one; ecclesia shall revive;