February 26, 1991

(Today I was thinking, if I could get a message from St Paul or St Peter, I wanted to penetrate into mysteries and I asked the Lord for His response.)


I Am;

listen, flower, today My concern is your redemption; why seek into My mysteries which I am not willing to give you? sanctity is My concern for you; repentance is what I seek from you; daughter, understand what My Interests are, understand what My concern is; even when Lazarus had departed for four days into My mysteries and had seen and understood these mysteries, I had requested him on his return to keep silent and keep those secrets for himself; I did not want him to give away My Riches to souls who would not make sense out of them; wealth is to be converted; wealth is to admit you are a sinner and come to Me humbly, repenting, and lead a holy life following My Precepts; wealth is not to try and decipher My mysteries, and if you try, this will only lead you through winding ways leading nowhere; so come to Me as a child and allow My Hand to cultivate and enrich you in this kind of Knowledge; let your wealth be Me, let your Knowledge come through My Word; let your interests be My Interests:

your perfection;

I love you, come; do not be impatient in prayer; Love is near you;

We, us, Lord?

flower, yes!