February 25, 1991

Love seeks a return of Love;

(I suddenly was thinking of the spelling and grammar mistakes now and then in these texts, and what He had said about it to another mystic who is dead now, when she had the same problem.)

yes, you are obliging Me to reduce Myself to your level of grammar to reach you, and your limited knowledge of words; oh yes! you are most imperfect as an instrument,

(Jesus was smiling.)

but I can use you even in your imperfection, little one; your Jesus has blessed you over and over again, and one day, Vassula, one day, I shall appear to you in My Light and absorb you into My Light … but now I and you will continue as it is;

Praised be the Lord!

(Satan said “Finally”, as it had taken me some time to write those praising words. Immediately Jesus’ Voice resounded, telling him: “Silence!” Satan wanted me to think it was Jesus telling me “finally”.)