February 24, 1991

(Before my journey to England, Scotland and Ireland.)

My Vassula, take this passage as an introduction for each of these countries;

(Jesus showed me Jn. 10:14-16.)

tell them that it is I, the Lord, who sends you to them; the sheep that belong to Me will listen to My Voice; I am coming to them to lead many on what was an unknown Path to them back to the Truth; I am coming with a blazing Fire of Love to guide you, beloved ones, back Home; My Sacred Heart is your resting Place; for you creation … o what will I not do! I am your Holy One, but your era has re-crucified Me; I am He who loves you most, yet the One who receives unmerciful lashes from the apathy of this era;

I am the Light of the world, who comes in this dark era to give you the Light of Life; have My Peace, My little children, I offer you My Peace; I offer you the gift of My Love; come to Me as you are, do not wait to be saints to come to Me; come to Me as you are, do not fear Me; I am the most Tender Father; I can be your Holy Companion; I and you, you and I, and I shall reveal to you My Holy Face; I shall reveal to you the Holy Face of your God; your eyes shall see Love face to face, and when this happens, angered demons shall take flight, and you will then understand, beloved one, that from the beginning you were Mine and I was yours for all eternity; be one with Me; Love is at your door;

I, Jesus Christ, bless you;