February 6, 1991

My Lord,
guard me from all these evil attacks,
defend me, who else will?
Satan is putting people to plot against Your messages and against me;
will You allow things to go out of hand my God?
We are with Your help constructing and they are destructing;
how am I to go on? I am no one,
and if You will not stand by my side
I can be “massacred” interiorly.

flower have My Peace; do not be distressed, beside you I Am;

and I know, oh, how I know everything that goes on inside men’s hearts … nevertheless, realise that in spite of everything, I, the Lord shall augment; yes, I mean that I shall make My Voice be heard through these Messages more and more; and the more men will abuse you and try to efface My Voice, the more will I be heard; daughter, no one will stop Me from proceeding; I the Lord Jesus, shall help you, My Vassula; let this be Always in your mind;

(I wept.)

weep not…beloved, weep not…come, trust Me;