October 30, 1990

Vassula, puny little creature, do you know how many thorns you plucked out of My Heart?

No, Lord.

sufficient to rest Me, sufficient to rest Me, My child; the purpose of your creation was also to rest Me; I have created you and even though you are dust and ashes I find in you a profound rest; accept Me, accept My Cross on you, be grateful to me now;

child, look at My Lips and listen to Me carefully: faith, have faith in Me and trust Me; I know your ineffable weakness and that without Me you cannot raise your little finger; this is why I have chosen you; I have chosen weakness to show the world My Power; I have a reason why I have chosen you in your state; trust Me and draw your strength from Me;

I shall remind you how the devil hates you and today you felt his claws on you; yes, if I had left him he would have torn you to pieces, but you are under My Divine protection; every single minute of his is aimed on you and all My other chosen souls; I tell you: because of your nothingness and because of your poverty, puny creature of Mine, you are undoing Satan’s patterns, you are undoing, stitch after stitch, his embroideries; he called you worm when he knew that you are My chosen one; yes, be like a worm and eat up and ravage his designs; see? I can use for My Works even worms … yes, eat up like a worm his patterns; I have allowed you to feel his hatred; he hates you because the Father himself loves you for loving Me; this infuriates him beyond one’s imagination;

happy is the man who does not lose faith in Me; delight My Soul and fill Me with joy by remaining nothing;