September 25, 1990

(Our Holy Mother’s Message to us all.)

peace be with you, beloved children; allow Me to remind you that the Lord knows each heart; the Lord is in search of your heart; come to Him with a pure heart and He shall teach you; the Lord shall comfort your soul, He shall lead you in His Path and in the Truth; I beg you, you who still waver, do not shut your hearts to reason; return to the Lord and He will return to you; a Joy from Heaven will now descend among you, a Light will shine in the midst of you; be prepared to receive this Light, be prepared to meet the Lord;

– today, whose hands are clean? and who can say truly, his heart is pure? whose soul is in perfect harmony with the Lord? beloved ones! My own! My children … the road to the Lord is in the midst of you, it is found in the land of the living; stretch out, then, your hands towards His Sanctuary, and the Lord, from Heaven, will reach to pull you to Him; stretch out your hands towards Him and He, full of Compassion, will lean down to you; come to the Lord without delay; lift your eyes to Heaven and look to no one else but Him, the Lord your God; delight in no one else but Him, your Saviour; seek, seek no one else but the Lord, your Redeemer; sing, sing to no one, but to the Holy One;

am I to remind you that the Lord is Tenderness and Compassion, slow to anger and rich in Graciousness? – Jesus was the Stone rejected by the builders that became the Keystone; I tell you truly, that the Kingdom of God is among you and His Holy Spirit of Grace is blowing sweetly now on your nations, to revive you; so come and see the Wedding of the Holy Spirit who will wed your lands; do not reject the Holy Spirit that so manifestly is poured upon you; do not be like the “builders” who rejected the stone that turned to be the cornerstone;

God wants everyone to be saved, and now this is My solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies of this book:

do not suppress the Spirit,

the Spirit that now blows on you in the middle and in the peak of your apostasy; do not say later on, on Judgement Day: “I had never heard, I had not known;” Jesus and I are revealing things beforehand, before they happen, so that you cannot say when you meet God face to face: “I was unaware …” – … the citadel of the proud shall fall … and the devils shall be cast out from within her womb;

– may you be blessed; may you all be blessed, for hearing Me; I am your beloved Mother, the Theotokos who loves you all;