September 28, 1990


I am;

lean on Me, lean on My Shoulder; as I came to you and lifted you from the pit and carried you to My House where I healed you, so will I continue to help your feet to be in the Righteous Path; let your hands clutch on Me; I know you to be faint-hearted1 but I shall make you strong to oppose evil;

– ah creation! Mercy now descends before Judgement; welcome My Mercy now and My Spirit shall rest on you; approach Me, you who desire Me, and take your fill from My Inexhaustible Wells of Life; for they who eat Me will hunger for more and they who drink Me will thirst for more; 2 and I, like Manna, will replenish your soul; and like a potter, shall form you into what you have lost: My Divinity;

– then I shall show you My Kingdom and I will send you Wisdom to teach you My Knowledge of My Holy things, and I shall make you Mine forever and ever; you will be My sons and daughters, glorifying Me together with My Assembly in Heaven; then I shall send you out like mist, to display like one displays a banner: My Knowledge you received from Wisdom Herself, to teach others to grow upright in purpose and learning, so that generation after generation My Holy Name may be kept Holy; your descendants would have a rich inheritance born of you, and thanks to My Infinite Mercy, so will your children’s children; and in the future, the nations will know the meaning of the Fear of the Lord;

My favours are not all past, My favours are inexhaustible, filling every valley, and My Tenderness is renewed every day upon you; I am pouring out continuously from My Heart, My Love like flowing rivers to water your desert and revive you; it is not I who forced you to dwell in darkness; it is not My wish to watch from above how you wall yourselves in and imprison your souls in the darkest dungeons; My desire is to bring you Home in peace; My desire is to make out of your deserts and parched lands, green pastures, to fill you;

Vassula, all My Messages are prayers; read and write down Romans 8:26-27:

The Spirit too comes to help us in our weakness. For when we cannot choose words in order to pray properly, the Spirit himself expresses our plea in a way that could never be put to words, and God who knows everything in our hearts knows perfectly well what he means, and that the pleas of the saints expressed by the Spirit are according to the mind of God.

meditate upon this … I love you, repeat after me this:

neither death, nor life, no angel, no prince,
nothing that exists, nothing still to come,
not any power, or height or depth,
nor any created thing,
will ever come3 to separate me from You,
I vow to remain faithful to You;
this is my solemn vow;
help me keep this vow forever and ever;

(I repeated what Jesus gave me.)

September 28, 1990

soul, pray, this means, speak to Me! do not ignore My Omnipresence just because the tempter keeps tempting you; hear Me, resist, resist him; come now, I shall manifest Myself again through you; if you submit to Me humbly and allow My Spirit to rest on you in My hours of My Passion;

your Jesus; I Am;

1 Jesus was smiling.