September 3, 1990

(I went to meet a priest. He is of a certain order and I recognise what the garments of that order of priest should look like. When the door opened and I saw him, I was taken by surprise, looking straight at someone who seemed to wear some fancy-masquerade garment! He had on him a long, light purple coloured garment, like satin. I could see the insides of his long and large sleeves. They were a light olive colour. Around his waist he wore a fancy belt of gold and silver. Around his neck he wore a thick gold chain. There was no sign of a cross on him. He looked like an ancient King. At first I thought that maybe they dressed him up this way because he is so special. Then when he greeted me, I looked at his face, forgetting what he was wearing. I was together with (…), another priest of the same order, and he did not react. I thought everything was normal and so I left this as it was without thinking of it much until I remembered the message of the Lord, a week before this incident, when He said: “I, the Lord, shall give you visions of they who follow the beast;” and He had said that these who follow the beast in His Church are dressed up, like High-Priests, masqueraded in gold and silver. They will deceive many, even the elect. That afternoon I had not seen a regular priest: I saw someone dressed as a ‘king’, in fancy clothes.)

Vassula, I have told you that I shall point out to you with My Finger all the thorns of My Body, 1 a man who does a thing like that ought to have been expelled from the community; 2

1 I open at random the Holy Bible for a prophecy.