July 6, 1990

peace be with you; here is My Message:

peace be with you; I am your Redeemer who speaks to you; I am He who loves you most; I have come to your nation to give sight to the blind and take away the sight from those who claim they see … I have come to you so that you listen to My Voice, the Voice of My Holy Spirit, the Constant Reminder of My Word and all that I have given you; listen to Me: inhabitants of the earth, how I love you! in spite of your awesome wickedness and your apathy towards Me, I, your Jesus, love you;

today, My beloved, I come and stand before you as your Shepherd to tell you: My Kingdom is near and before this generation has passed away, all that has been foretold by My prophets of today, will have taken place;

pray for those whom I have given mouths to praise Me but use them only to defile My Holy Name;

pray for those whom I have given eyes to see My Beauty, My Holiness and My Marvels but turned blind, with scales on their eyes from their sins;

pray for those whom I have given ears to hear My Word and My Hymns of Love, but allowed their hearing to dull for fear of hearing and being converted;

pray for those who out of their mouths comes out false evidence and are unconscious of it, their leaders will fall and they will have to face Justice;

pray for those who never cease to throw venomous arrows at each other, they have to realise how they are harming My Body;

pray the prayer your Holy Mother has given you in Her previous Message, to relent and to draw back My Father’s Justice; ask the Father to give your generation a hearing; amend for those stubborn souls who never cease to do evil;

pray for all these souls, My little hearts, because you are the salt of the earth; and I, Jesus, tell you: take courage, little hearts, for I am with you;

I shall see that My Name is kept Holy even though My enemies brought this great apostasy in My Church and a disastrous abomination in the heart of My Sanctuary and still hold fast because of their pride;

I tell you truly that My dwelling place shall be rebuilt on its early bricks; the Day is near when I shall come upon these wise men and destroy all their so-called wisdom and their hostility towards My Divinity; I shall pull them out by the roots so that they will not thrive anymore; they have apostatised from Me, yes, they have accustomed their steps to walk with Apostasy and have as their guide and travelling companion Rationalism, the weapon to combat My Divinity;

if any man is thirsty for Knowledge, let him come to Me and drink and I shall give him living water; do not go and drink from a man’s doctrine which is coming from his own rationality; that man is putting honour from men before the honour that comes from God; so for these I say: alas for you when the world speaks well of you!! the day will come when they will have to speak from the ground, but before their voice reaches Me they will be muffled by the dust and the thick layer of their sins; Justice will prevail;

I tell you solemnly that in these coming days, Satan and all the foul spirits shall not work subtly as they did before; no, the time has come now when he and those foul spirits shall show themselves openly to every inhabitant of the earth; Satan shall send false-prophets and he shall multiply them like sand, creating confusion among you, to deceive even the elect, so take care that no one deceives you; this sign is the sign of the eve of My Great Signs that are to come; the demon today is like a wild beast that is wounded, thus becoming more dangerous, but do not fear, you who love Me, I will grant you the safety you sigh for;

but alas for those who defiled My Sanctuary bringing great apostasy in My Church, brimstone and fire shall rain upon them! I tell you truly, in the lairs where the jackals1 live, shall soon run a highway, undefiled, which shall be called: Sacred Way; the impure shall not travel by it, but the living will walk there, for they know how to worship Me and they will bend their knee and say to Me: amen … amen …

little children, never have grudges against each other, be united, be united, be one; it is I, Jesus, who asks this from you; I bless you all, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; this Sigh that brands you as Mine;

(Our Holy Mother’s Message:)

peace be with you; children of Mine, I would like you today to read and meditate on Lk. 15:4-7; yes, Jesus does not want to lose any of you, this is why He is in constant search of your heart; pray, My little children, as never before, keep God’s Name Holy and remember that anyone who seeks the Lord, will find Him; anyone who knocks, will always have the door opened to him; work for your salvation, pray for every thing you need;

I want you happy and peaceful in the Lord because the Lord has given you the Gift of His Love, so what greater Gift than His Love? find Peace in the Lord, this peace that is missing from many of you; penetrate into God’s Love and He will purify your soul; praise the Lord for He is good and patient; do not come to Him just for your interests, do not come to Him unconsciously, just out of duty, come to the Lord to praise Him and Love Him;

consider the blessings God is giving you daily; contemplate on the blessings He is giving you daily and offer Him your hearts, thanking Him, beloved ones; show Him your gratitude too;

Jesus is Love, Jesus is Hope and Jesus means He-Who-Saves, so do not doubt of the Greatness of His Love; have Faith in Him, He comes to rescue even the least among you; testify to the nations of this Great Love and spread His Messages to the four corners of the earth;

I, your Holy Mother, am always near you, My children; I bless you; may the Peace of My Son reign in your hearts;

1 Here Jesus is alluding to the freemasons in His Sanctuary.