June 30, 1990

they have failed to appreciate Your Great Love,
this Love no flood can quench and no torrents can drown;
and now I am telling You, my strength is gone
and my soul is shut out from consolation.
I think You have given me my fill of bitterness,
is there yet more to come?
I have offered my cheek to the striker
to be overwhelmed with injustice;
Your lambs You have gathered lie now scattered.
I have trodden the winepress alone;
of the men of my people not one was with me.

look, who is coming from Heaven all the way to your room? It is I, Jesus … your Spouse, so do not be afraid, I will rescue you again; your flesh is weak and your spirit these days has been taken by a hurricane; I am near you by your side; do not be afraid, My daughter, My bride, My Pity is stifling Me to see you taken in this hurricane, but I shall take you out of it; My enemies1 are nursing My Father’s Justice again, to become even greater now, how can He relent? how can He relent when wickedness is the only bread they eat!

My God, do not desert me!

hold on to all that I have given you, My child, cling on Me; these people cannot sleep unless they have first wronged you, I watch them and My Father’s Justice flares up to hear them coming to Me with lifeless words … have they not read in Scriptures: “Some I have blessed and made more important, some I have hallowed and set near Me;” 2 but when My Day comes, I shall spare not one of them!

and as for you, My child, you are My property because you are poor, but they have not understood … daughter … daughter … weep not … come … they have been the trade of rich merchants, like expensive material they have been bought … hope, My Vassula, hope … faith, My child, have faith in Me, I shall never abandon you … never … never … blessed one, My Pardon has already been given to them, yes, to these very ones who do not sleep unless they do evil, so let Me hear your pardon too for them …

I forgive them Lord, for they know not what they are doing.

My Eyes watch over you; I am your powerful protection and your true support, nothing therefore can come between you and Me, even if you are persecuted, threatened or even attacked; was there any prophet who was not persecuted, threatened or attacked? they are ranging second in the rank of My Church, after the apostles, yet they have always been mistreated and abused, for out of their mouth they hear the truth and the truth disturbs them;

What am I to do now?

(I asked Jesus very sadly.)

bring My people to the obedience of faith3

… broadcast My Message; come, I will give you the means of diffusing My Message; I will supply every want in due time; flower, spread My fragrance of incense abroad;

May Your Will be done, use me as You please, make out of me Your instrument of Peace and Love.

1 Here Jesus changed tone, from being tender to severe.
3 He answered me this in a majestic tone and without the slightest hesitation.