June 27, 1990

peace be with you;

daughter, pray, giving Me glory for having lifted you from the world of the dead and having allowed you to enter and live in My World of Peace and Love and having taught you through My gentle mastery the Knowledge of the ancients; so do not condemn anyone who still cannot tell their right hand from their left; be compassionate as I am compassionate; do not judge and you will not be judged yourself; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned yourself; resist evil and conquer it with good; do not give the Tempter a foothold; do not say that I your Lord have abandoned you; out of My Five Wounds I nourish you, soul! pray for discernment; look, My daughter, I am Hope, I am Life and I am near you! I am the Crucified and your Redeemer who tells you: My love for you is eternal;

bless Me and love Me;

(Later on, to a priest visitor:)

tell My servant this, write:
My peace I give you;

take this token as a gift of My Love; take My Word and prophesy to the nations; tell them that “once more there will be poured on you My Spirit from above; then shall your wilderness be fertile land; integrity will bring peace,” 1 a peace the world had never known before; “My people will live in a peaceful Home,” yes, they shall live in My Sacred Heart, for I shall “keep them safe”; but before this desert turns into a fertile land and into fine vineyards, My Breath shall come and blow in this dark world, like a stream of brimstone which will set on fire everywhere, to purify this era and renovate her entirely, uniting her into One Holy People; your renegades I shall turn into holy people and their apathy into fervour for Me your God; I shall make you holy as I am Holy; remember that My City shall be rebuilt on its ruins; (…)

be blessed;