June 13, 1990

My Jesus?

I am; it is I, your Jesus; ecclesia shall revive by Me! not by you, mankind! I am He who shall lift My Bride; do you want to continue being My bearer in spite of the persecutions?

Yes. I am willing, my Lord.

feel how I rejoice every time you say: “yes!” I do not need you, as you know, I suffice by Myself, but you infatuate Me with your “yes” in your weakness! your incapacity provokes My Strength and delights My Soul; your weakness and your wretchedness overwhelms My Pardon and from My Heart you release Forgiveness in its fullness;

stay near Me, My child; you delight My Soul; I am your Fortress; be on your guard, My little one, because among those who approach you are diviners and false prophets;

What shall I do, Lord?

keep My Principles …

Will You guard me from these, Lord?

you will live secure and I am guarding you safely; I shall continue, My lamb, to carry you on My Shoulders; be in peace;