April 30, 1990

Lord, my God,
save us in Your Love, raise us in Your Light
and with Your Infinite Mercy forgive us;
make us strong in faith,
unite us to be one,
so that we may say together,
around one Holy Tabernacle:
“There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
and one God who is Father of all,
over all, through all and within all.” 1

try then to imitate Me;

Give us the Wisdom then to imitate You.

Wisdom is given to mere children; unless they seek Me in simplicity of heart, Wisdom shall not be given to them and as long as their intellect is at work, Wisdom will remain hidden and as a riddle to them;

Tear away, Lord, their intellect so that they may at last see with their eyes Your Beauty and Your Splendour!

little heart, pray for them then, pray in these godless times, let your prayers be like blended incense;

pray that I may give them back their sight; pray that I may go over to them and wake them up from their everlasting sleep; pray, My little one, you who had the Law brought to you by Me; and directed by My Holy Spirit, pray that they die to their sin and resurrect to Holiness, Love and Faith; and if there are any wise men, let them show their wisdom by their simplicity of heart towards Me, their zeal to all that is holy, and by their ardour to draw souls to Me; may all these things be done with humility and love; remember that if you do not get what you ask it is because you do not pray hard enough and with your heart;

come now, never forget My Presence; I am your Holy One and the One who loves you most; 2

You are Good, Patient and Forgiving,
most loving to all who invoke You,
hear our prayers, my Lord,
although they may be of extreme poverty,
have mercy upon us and open Your Ear,
we are sinners and not saints,
but You were known to go to the sick
and heal them with Your Love,
we are all sick,
a sickly generation drenched in sin,
come to us and heal us
helping us to believe
in our unbelievable unbelief!

My Righteousness is eternal, My Love I have for you all is Infinite, My Compassion for the wretched and the sick is Great and beyond human understanding; ask and it shall be given to you; I open My Mouth panting eagerly for your prayers;

I ask and on behalf of my brothers too, that You come and save us, Lord; in Your Love, return to us, purify us!

I shall return to you as Love, and My Fire shall purify you all,

You have promised us a New Heaven and a New Earth, Lord.

I have promised you more than that, little one; I have promised you a new Jerusalem, and I have promised you that I shall be living among you; I will make My Home among you, see? very soon now, I shall be with you;

Then hurry Lord, hurry. We are all waiting eagerly for the second Pentecost and the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, the second Coming.

are you all prepared to receive Me? why are you silent?

3 Because, my Lord, it is difficult to say these words: “many are not prepared to receive You …”

pray then for those who ignore Me, pray for the godless, pray for those who are not ready to receive Me; prepare yourselves! the fig tree is ripe and soon you shall be eating its fruit;

come, we, us?

Yes, my Lord, we, us.

2 I insist.
3 Timidly and sad I said: