May 12, 1990


I am; peace be with you; Vassula, let Me hear the sound of your step tomorrow in My Church; I shall be waiting for you impatiently; … are you as impatient as Me for this hour when I shall be united to you? Vassula,1 … let Me write it, I love you; are you still willing to answer Me?

Yes, Lord. I shall go to the Greek Church but I always have a problem of language. I can hardly follow what the priest says.

but I am there and I do listen to your heart; speak to Me … come, listen to this: suppose you go and visit a friend of yours who eagerly is waiting to see you; would you, upon meeting your friend, remain erect and distant? or would you go towards her and warmly greet her with a kiss? then, would you not sit together and talk? or would you sit and keep silent? you would talk of course! this is the way I want you to be with Me when you come and visit Me in My House; I want to feel your heart rejoicing every time you meet Me, I want to hear your heart talking to Me, to talk to Me your God is praying; My Ear then shall be stuck on your lips and I shall receive each word as drops of honey;

daughter, then comes My great moment, the moment I am so much looking forward too, the moment I had given Myself to you on Golgotha, the Holy Hour of My Sacrifice, the Holy Hour of your redemption, the Holy Hour when I unite Myself to you; I shall wait for both of you2 to eat Me and drink Me; I bless you, My child; do not deny Me these moments of love, these moments of Holy Communion;

My Lord, praised be the Lord, glory be to God, blessed be the Lord!

peace be with you, little one; please Me and discern Me; these very minutes you are with Me are a delight to Me, they are like a welcomed rain on a thirsty soil; I delight to hear you;3 … take and read what I have given you; … tell Me, are you happy in spite of all these trials?


flower, when one of your petals is torn out I make sure that another petal takes its place; with My Light I reinforce your stem, if you only knew how I guard you, and with what care I treat you … lean on Me when you are weary and I shall rest you, come;

(Later on:)

(Message for Lens, above Sion.)

peace be with you, beloved children; My Heart sings with joy to have you all united here in My Love; your prayers are like music in My Ears; come to Me and I shall fill your spirit with My Spirit; come to Me as you are and I shall lift you to make you holy, beloved ones;

My Cross today calls out for Holiness, My Voice resounds in the four corners of this earth to remind you all that I am Holy and that you should be living holy;

O generation … do I not know how weak you are? your era has created images unpleasing in My Eyes and not according to My Mind, and in this Babylon you have created I descend to find most of My creation imprisoned, yes, captive, by the evil one who feeds them godlessness, rationalism and iniquity; do I not see all these things? the supplications of the saints have reached My Ears; I tell you that I am now like on Fire and I shall not wait much longer, I shall not leave you much longer in this darkness, I will come back to you; in a short time the world will see Me again, yes, Love shall descend on you and live among you;

but before your trees start blooming with noble branches, thick-set leaves and lofty trunks, and before the birds of heaven start nesting in their branches, and before I spread rivers to water your thirsty soil, I shall send from heaven Columns of My Purifying Fire; I intend to purify you all; dead will be the days when the dead rejoiced in the presence of the dead … you shall, after this purification be talking one language, My Own language, called: LOVE; DIVINE LOVE;

I mean to extinguish all evil and wickedness; this is why in these days, My Veil will be thrown over the sun, the moon and the stars; I will cover the sun with dark clouds and the moon will not be giving you its light; I will dim every luminary in heaven for you and I will cover your countries in darkness, so that Babylon will cease intermarrying with sin; she shall then adopt My Law of Love, because her renegades I shall put up in flames;

if your era has failed to appreciate My great love and has defiled My Holy Name, it is because of the great apostasy that penetrated in the core of My Sanctuary;

today, generation, My Spirit of Grace comes to help you more lavishly than ever before, see? I am raising in each corner of the earth new altars to sanctify your lands and sanctify you all; it is by Grace that I intend to raise you and make out of you living altars carrying My Flame, for within you will be living My Spirit of Holiness, a Spirit unique, subtle, unsullied and Pure; then I shall send you out throughout the earth and your message will be to proclaim My Infinite Love, and I promise you, you who love Me, that in those days of darkness which will come on the whole world, I will keep you safe and I will lock you in the depths of My Sacred Heart; I shall be with you;

but alas for all those who spend their time breaking down and trampling on My altars! alas for those who kill My prophets! alas for these souls! alas for those who follow the black beast! alas for all those who reject My warnings, spurn and ignore them! they shall in these days of darkness call to Me, but I will not answer … five of My Wounds are wide open and My Blood is gushing out all over again; repent generation, repent … think twice before you open your lips to speak;

seek Me with your heart and not with your mind; imitate Me your God, follow Me in My Footprints; ask yourselves this before you speak: “what would have Christ said in this situation?” or: “what would have Christ done in this situation?” think twice before opening your lips; do not let your lips be the cause of your downfall; do not let your spirit err you; imitate Me and be the perfect reflection of My Image;

even if you are unable to pray properly, My Spirit will pray for you; see? I never abandon you … even when you fail to appreciate My great Love, for the sake of My Holy Name I stoop even more towards you to lift you to Me, and in My loving kindness I forgive your sins; the minute you open your mouth to invoke Me, I come flying to you and place My Ear on your lips … and every word you utter consoles My Heart and rejoices Me;

come back to Me with all your heart and let your prayers reach Me, because it is not those who say to Me: “Lord! Lord!” who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the person who does the will of My Father in heaven; 4 so speak with love, and I shall hear you; give with love, and I shall know you; pray with love, and the doors of My Kingdom shall open for you to receive you; act with love, so that I may say to you: “you are Mine, you are My seed, come to your Father!”

I am Love and anyone who lives in love lives in Me and I live in him; do the Will of My Father in heaven so that you enter My Kingdom; remember that the Root of the Tree of Life is Love;

pray more with your heart, My children, and feel confident that My Ear is near your lips; I bless you and bless every step you take; Love loves you; remember My Presence; I leave My Sigh of Love on your forehead; be one;

(Later on:)

men have lessened and have degenerated … if only they renounce their folly … pray daughter, nevertheless, even in your state of degeneration I love you and I weep on your atrophy …

(I had been with Jesus in dictation. When He had finished dictating, I hurried up to do other things without blessing Him or praising Him. In my wickedness I treated Him as if He was any human being who dictates a message, somehow forgetting His Divinity. I felt very ashamed and so I came flying back to Him and I asked Him to forgive me. When He told me all this, He was like someone not surprised, calm but sad.)

1 Jesus said, “I love you” and I stopped Him from writing it.

2 My Russian friend and I.

3 Jesus was silent for a while, He then asked me, “would you like to write?” I said “yes”.