March 6, 1987

Vassula it is I, Jesus, your Saviour, are you hungry?

In fact, Jesus, I am right now.

always be, be hungry for My Bread; come, My Bread is free and when you eat from Me you will be filled;

Jesus, I was talking about earthly bread …

I know, Vassula, but which would you prefer to have?

Both, Jesus.

your bread will only satisfy you for a while, but when you eat from My Bread you will be filled; anyone who eats from My Bread will live forever; 1

I will feed you Vassula;

I love you, Jesus.

O daughter, how I long to hear these words from every lip! “I love you Jesus”; do you want to feel My Heart? look at Me, before you I stand;

(I looked at His Heart. All His Breast was alight.)

My Heart is ablaze with fervent love, My Heart wants to consume you in Its love, My Heart wants to entice you and forever be Mine! come, daughter, cry out for love, cry out for peace, be united to the end with Me; come, let us revive the others; love Me with all your soul and with all your mind to be able to glorify Me, beloved;

Jesus, loving You is painful, because one wants to be with You, I mean rid of the body and be near You. That is why it is painful to love.

I suffer too because of My Great Love for all of you; I cruelly suffered because of love; I still suffer when I do not get any response to the Love I have for you; can you imagine how I feel? beloved, I need souls who truly love Me; souls who could amend for those who ignore Me; tell them, let them know how it feels to love someone, having laid out My life out of love, and yet get no response, no love!

weary not of bearing My Cross of Peace and Love; bearing it for Me rests My weary Soul; I need to rest, beloved;

Jesus, I will do what You want and try to understand what You are telling me.

(In the evening, my soul was heavy and sad.)