January 26, 1990

peace be with you; Love loves you; evangelise with love for Love; repeat after Me these words:

My Lord and King,
keep my spirit steady and willing;
and I shall teach transgressors the way to You,
and to You the sinners shall return;

(Later on:)

delight Me and stay in My Light; I am the Light; pray, My Vassula, that those souls who wound Me may see the Light and get to know then their left hand from their right hand;

hear My Mother:

today My Heart is in tears because of so many sins; the world is ungrateful to Love; I appear to many and call out, 2 pleading them to return to God and change their lives, but only very few really do; so many do not change; daughter, pray for these stubborn souls;

I shall pray, Holy Mother.

I bless you and all those who pray for these;

2 To humanity.