January 22, 1990

(Message for France, for our prayer meeting in Nice on February 11, 1990.)

peace be with you;

I am the Spirit of Love, of Peace, of Reconciliation; I am He who loves you most;

I am your Creator; I tell you solemnly, that I shall keep spreading My Holy Spirit on your sons and daughters, as has never happened among many generations, to nourish you directly from My Own Hand and to place My entire Law on your hearts;

I am, in your days, revealing My Holy Face to you all; yes, My Holy Face shall shine on you, My beloved ones, I shall reveal to you My Glory; and you who might not know Me yet, I shall come to you too, and take your hand in Mine and place it on My Sacred Heart, I shall make you feel My Heartbeats and if you would then allow Me, I shall entice your little heart and consume it with My ardent Love and make you Mine entirely;

I shall, if you abandon yourselves to me, form you into My Divine Image, I shall give you back your divinity and make you holy as I am Holy; so come to Me, your Saviour, why look elsewhere? why seek what the world offers and does not last? seek what is Holy and Eternal, why rely on what the world offers when what it offers does not last? have you not heard before that I have said how all flesh is grass? the grass withers, the flower fades, but My Word remains forever; turn to Me and rely on My Love;

My little children, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; do not listen to the Tempter who seeks the ruin of your soul, his dominion is in the world; but listen to Me your God, who offers you My Hand today and who bends all the way to you to lift you from the dust and make you holy in My Heart; listen to Me and you shall inherit My Kingdom;

come to Me and make peace with Me, My Peace I bequeath to you, a peace the world cannot give you; come, you who have not acknowledged Me yet as your Redeemer and detach yourself from the elemental things that can neither lift nor feed your soul, why be enslaved to them? come back to Me, even in your wretchedness and your guilt, I accept you as you are, and tell you that I have forgiven you already; let Me tell you, My child, that no man has greater love for you than Mine;

lift your eyes to Me and behold Who is pleading you; it is I, Jesus, your Saviour, who comes to you today, speaking through the mouths of even the least among you; I come barefoot1 and like a Beggar to ask from you a return of love; I am in search of your heart, do not refuse Me … day and night I stretch out My Hands to you, when will you come to Me? when will I hear your response? will I find an answer in this wilderness, My child? or will Silence cover My Soul? listen, listen to My plea, this is the consolation you can offer Me, do not be afraid, I will help you, see? I shall renew you entirely if you shall abandon yourself to Me;

I have come all the way to your door, and today if you are assembled together here to listen to what My Spirit says to you, it is because I chose it to be this way; I have come to give you Hope; I have come to give you Light; I have come not to condemn you, but to awaken you, My child, and to show you My Sacred Heart and Who is standing before you; you are Mine, though not all of you are, because some of you put honour from men before the honour that comes from God; so I tell you solemnly;

receive My Holy Spirit today …
receive My Holy Spirit today …
receive My Holy Spirit today …

return to Me; I mean to deliver you from evil and rouse your love for Me; I mean to show Myself to you and give you the sign of My Holy Presence as I give to others, covering you with My delicate fragrance of incense;

come then to Me and talk to Me, talking to Me is praying, praying from your heart; I have in the stillness of the night come to remind you of My precepts; do you not know that since time began and man was set on earth, a room in Heaven has been prepared for you? your Home is in Heaven with Me, by My side; let this room be filled with your presence, do not grieve Me to see your room empty for eternity … return to Me, cease erring in this wilderness aimlessly; seek Me, My child; cease in doing evil, learn to forgive, learn to do good, be confident in Me your God, learn to love your enemies, make peace with Me; I tell you solemnly that if the earth is covered with disasters today, it is the fruit of its apostasy;

ah My friends, all you who love Me and devote your entire life to Me, you who freed the needy when they called and with the orphan who had no love, gave him your warmth, you who are sensitive to the poor men’s needs, and console the widow, and open your doors wide to the fatherless, and you, who seek to serve the cause of justice, never raising your hand against the guiltless, rejoice! for you are indeed My children;

I am today, beloved ones, asking you to pray fervently and amend for those whom My Heart loves, but have turned against Me; I am asking you to immolate yourselves for all those who severe My Wounds, by watching them kill their child before even its birth; pray for the wombs that shape these children but forget them, and their names are recalled no longer;

invoke Me in your troubles and I shall rush to you; count your blessings and praise Me, have you not heard before that I rescue all those that cling to Me? you are not fatherless, you have a Father in Heaven who loves you infinitely and His Name is like myrrh, pouring out of Him to anoint you and bless you;

beloved, I am giving you the gift of My Love; take courage all you who immolate for others, I am near you to console you; take courage, My children, your God is very near you and many heard My Footsteps; Love is returning to you as love and shall dwell among you;

I bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love upon your forehead; be one;

1 Barefoot = in simplicity, without necessarily choosing holy souls, to manifest Himself through them.