January 19, 1990

peace be with you; meditate upon the mystery of My Presence;

O Vassula, there are so many temptations in the world that souls cannot afford to be one second asleep; they should be in constant prayer and awake; these temptations arise from almost nothing; the traps that Satan puts are so cunningly disguised that souls fall instantly inside them, completely unaware they have even fallen! but if souls only listened to Me and would pray more often and feel My Presence more often, talking to Me as their companion, or praying to Me as their Father, then they would be more aware of these traps; incessant prayers keeps the devil far and their soul closer to Me;

come, praise Me daughter now and then, it glorifies Me and it pleases Me too, say these words:

Glory be to God the Highest,
Blessed be His Name;

just these words and I am glorified; then say this:

My Jesus,
You who favoured me,
I bless you;

come, these lines please Me; we, us?

Yes, Lord.

we, us?

Yes, Holy Mother;

you are My flower;