December 24, 1989

(Christmas Eve)


I Am; glory be to God;

Glory be to God.

pray, My child; devote yourself to Me; love is near you and was always, from your crib days to this day, and will forever be; stay near Me and reject all confusing thoughts; lean on Me alone, be one with Me; satisfy My insatiable thirst for love, O Pantocrator;

(The fall of Communism in Romania)

My flower, I am the Light of the world; sing and be happy, sing for joy for it is I, Jesus, who performs these marvels;

My Cross shall be erected again on every church, do you see? 1 a universal peace is soon to come; Peace is about to be born; pray for this birth of Peace and Love; today the earth feels the beginning of its birth-pangs; these, My beloved ones, are My early Signs of Love; 2 I am the Master of heaven and earth, and I shall with My Power demonstrate to every nation that I am all-powerful; I have said that I shall overthrow with My Breath all those who reduced you to slavery; let your nations realise that everything is subject to My Power, and what I did with one breath is for My Glory; no man is able to efface My Law;

let the nations realise that it is I, the Lord, who came to free these captives from prison and lift them to Me; it is I who reduced your enemies into everlasting shame and this is not all; I shall, with your sister, Russia, sign a covenant of Peace and Love and her crimes shall be forgotten by Me and I shall make her My Bride again, and out of her heart shall come out this song:

“I will keep my love for Him always,
and my covenant with my God shall stand;”

My Soul is thirsting for this glorious moment; I mean to show My splendour and My glory to every nation living under these skies, through your sister Russia; I shall dress her with My beauty and with My integrity, and I shall parade her to your brothers3 so that they may see My beauty and My integrity through her and in her; daughter, the wedding of your sister’s conversion is soon to come;

I have said that I am He who descends in your era’s misery to console the oppressed and free her captives from prison and those who live in darkness from the dungeon; it is I, your Saviour, who comes to rescue you from the red dragon’s jaws; it is I, your Jesus, My doves, who comes to break your cages and free you; it is I, your Holy One who never abandoned you; and I tell you truly your4 gates shall not be closed to Me;

Vassula, I shall overthrow with disgrace and humiliation all these evil powers, these powers who knocked down My House and made out of It gaping graves; My Light shall resurrect your sister Russia and all her neighbouring countries, I shall break all your cages and set you free; learn that salvation and liberation comes from Me alone; pray for your sister, pray for her neighbours;

My Lord, You have said that: “trouble will be coming to the man who amasses goods that are not his and loads himself with pledges; will not his creditors suddenly rise, will not his duns awake? Then he will be their victim.” 5 This is exactly what happened in Romania, but innocent people paid it with their blood.

be assured that I have with Me all the martyr-saints of your season, victims of Satan’s fury; I have with Me all those who perished as victims; I tell you that his fury was such that knowing he was losing his grip he intended to annihilate every single flower of Mine;

(Jesus then looked from above on Romania.)

do not weep little one, 6 for I, the Lord, shall rebuild your ruins and I shall increase you to bear witness on My Name; I shall make you see great things under My Name; free at last! free to come to Me, your Saviour, and live in My Sacred Heart; I shall pursue your enemies who are My enemies too with My Light; do not weep for your children that are no more, because today I tell you that I have placed each one of them in the depths of My Heart;

Blessed be our Lord, the God of Mercy,
for He has visited His people,
He has come to their rescue,
He has come to give Light
to those who live in darkness and the shadow of death.
Glory be to Him who comes to guide our feet
into the way of Peace and Love.

1 I saw in an interior vision the roof of a church, and two or three men on it, struggling to put in the right place a heavy Cross, back again in its place.
2 On November 29, a month before events in Romania, Jesus and our Holy Mother gave us a Christmas Message, to read to the prayer group on December 22. Our Holy Mother’s message was alluding to Romania’s freedom.
3 The Lord here means the Roman Catholics.
4 Romania’s gates.
5 Hab. 2:7.
6 Jesus means Romania.