December 18, 1989

My Vassula, I, the Lord, shall feed you before the very eyes of your persecutors; feel My pain, to see you, My child, among these wolves …

My Soul is disconsolate and My Heart grieves to the extent that I have mobilised legions of angels to come and console Me; your persecutors are giving you poisoned water to drink, but I shall ceaselessly keep curing you with My great Love I have for you; I shall overthrow all these blocks who despise you, My angels, 1 all you in whom My Heart rejoices to be with and in whom I find My comfort and My rest; My lambs, you who receive My Messages by My Grace, My lambs, you who rest My Heart, you who are My predilected souls, I shall not see you attacked by these Cains, these Cains who are drenched in sin and who never stopped aiming for your throat, My Abels;

Lord! The Cains are without pity attacking us. They have killed Your prophets in the days of old and today they want to repeat their crime, their aim is to break down all Your Altars, one after the other. They want to annihilate us from the surface of this exile!

My remnant … My altar … you whom I have risen from dust to shape and form into a living altar for Me, the Most High, you are one of My altars, altars that I place in different corners of the globe and in which I pour My Burning desires from My Ardent Flame of Love; I tell you this: Cain shall have to face Me this time, he who still thirsts to kill, because he continues to sow in the soil he has tilled, his evil seeds, and today eats what his harvest offers, he shall have to face Me; listen, My dove: he shall neither drag you by force nor by sword to the desert to shed your blood again, nor will I let him blow away the Flame I have given you;

My little altars, you who make My Joy, take courage, do not fear, every sin of his will recoil on his head … and the prophecy of Isaiah still stands for these Cains to this day, that I, the Lord, will give them “a sluggish spirit, unseeing eyes and inattentive ears, and they are still like that today” and forever will be;

I deported Cain from his land into the desert, a country where I do not live, a country where wickedness flows in rivers, and waters its banks, and irrigates its soil; Justice had cast him out of My sight, yet, even when Mercy today comes to his rescue, and stretches out Her Hand to lift his veil from his eyes, he refuses … I even went down into the countries of underneath the earth, to the peoples of the past, to lift your life from the pit, Cain, but to this day you are not hearing Me; nor are you willing to recognise Me your God;

Vassula, My dove, do not be afraid to speak up, for I have endowed you with My Spirit; crossing this exile is hard but by your side I Am; I, your Holy Companion, walk by your side to provide you with speech, friendship and consolation; I am near you to be the threat to your enemies; I am near you to calm down and appease any whirlwind that tends to rise and frighten you; I am near you to chase away the wolves who come to hound you; I am near you to shelter your head from the scorching sun; I am near you, My beloved, to chase away with My Light all the vipers and scorpions that come on your path; I lead you in the way that you must go, and with My Incense I cover you daily and all those who accompany us, blessing each step they take;

My Eyes are upon you, My doves, you whom I had gone out to seek all the way from the desert; My Love for you is a Living Fire and My jealousy relentless as never before, so listen to My song; My resting Place is not far from you now; I am He who loves you most and I am giving you the Gift of My Love;

come and listen to My teachings; My teachings are Light; teachings that the world have forgotten, these very teachings that should have been the apple of their eye;

come, we, us?

Yes, forever, Lord.

we, us?

Forever, Holy Mother.

I love you; 2

1 Today’s messengers.

2 Our Holy Mother.