December 19, 1989

O Holy Spirit of Instruction, do not allow my soul to be confounded. You are my Divine Teacher and it is You who instructed me, and it is from Your Mouth I have been taught. I am here to listen to you, my Lord and Master.

little one, when trials come, do not protest, do not give your opinion, My Peace should be the only thing that ought to come out of you; the Lord’s Peace; spontaneous answers to disputes can become irreparable mistakes; take what I have given you out of My Heart, nothing less, nothing more; take from what I have given you; do you understand Me now?

Yes, my Lord. Lord, tell me again who You are.

hear Me then: it is I, Jesus, Beloved Son of God, the Word made flesh who came to live among you; it is I, your Saviour, who speaks to you; 1 flower, courage, repose on My Heart and listen to My Heartbeats, just like the Dove in your vision; listen, I love all of you, to folly now you know Me better, O Pantocrator; I am your Educator and I shall maintain you by faith, faith, faith; I love you, and it is by faith and in faith I want to educate you and raise you up; locutions you shall always have; to hear Me you shall have to recollect yourself to be able to enter into contemplation; and to remind you of My Presence, I remove your capacity to control your hand, accept these things since they come from Me; I like it this way, have you not noticed that all you have learned came from Me? I shall guide you till the end in this way, rejoice, pupil!

You leave me speechless, my God …

be happy, for you have not merited any of those graces; come, Love loves you;

1 Jesus was saying this as if He was saying it to someone for the first time.