November 22, 1989

Please, Lord, speak to me through Scriptures.

(I open the Bible at random and it reads: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you;”) 1

daughter, remind the world of My Presence; announce My Message to the ends of the world; pray, I am listening2 …I shall help you:

please Father
reveal to me Your Love
for in revealing Your Love,
You are revealing me Your Holy Face,
shine on me, let no one deceive me,
be my Guide, my Master and my Educator,
let me learn from Wisdom’s Lips;

see? just ask for My help and I shall not wait; come, you are still learning, but stay near Me, remember My Presence that I so much insist for each one of you to learn, My Presence is also a Mystery; do not neglect Me nor shall I neglect you … I am still talking3 … let Me be your Consoler; I, the Lord, shall guide you till the end, even though you do not realise fully what I am giving you as Graces; I, out of My Infinite Mercy, shall fill you with My Spirit without ceasing and pour into you My Words and My Law and raise you to Me;

I, the Lord of lords, keep a close eye on you; have My Peace and My Love, I bless each one of you; be good;

2 I hesitated to find the words, so the Lord came to my rescue.

3 I had tried to interrupt and say something…