November 16, 1989

Lord? I lift my eyes to You,
I lift my soul to You,
I long for You, my Saviour,
Your Holy Presence is my delight,
oh take my cause and defend me!

My flower, Love is near you; in spite of seeing Me only with the eyes of your soul do not diminish your faith, smile at Me, it pleases Me; ah My child, come take up My yoke; My yoke is easy and My burden light; pray the way I have taught you, with your heart; it is essential to pray and ask My favours, this is My Law; enter every minute into My Sacred Heart, I long to console you, I long to rest you, allow My Mother to teach you;

(Our Holy Mother)

My Vassula, I am near you, be sure of this; console My Son by loving Him, console Jesus by speaking to Him and having Him as First; never leave Our Hands, never seek to look beyond His shoulders; keep pace with Us, adore Him and evangelise for Him with love; trust Him, do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself; do not look to your left nor to your right, the Lord wants your full abandonment to make out of you a perfect being reflecting His Divine Image, this Divine Image your era has lost;

Jesus and I do not ‘descend’ by means of Our Messages to judge you; We do not come to judge you nor do We come to condemn you; We come to you with great Love and Mercy to bring you all back to Us and make out of you all, divine beings;

I bless you, I am with you;

I bless You too, Holy Mother. Amen.