November 8, 1989

My Vassula, lean on Me; please Me and renew your vow of fidelity;

I renew my vow of fidelity to You, my Saviour and Lord.
Help me keep it. Help me be faithful to You.
Lord, You have done great things to me.
You have lifted my soul to You
and You allow me to live under Your Light.
You have covered my nakedness with Your Majestic Gifts.
You have renewed me.
You have risen me as You have risen Lazarus.
You freed me and I love You and adore You.

beloved of My Heart, lean on Me; I and you, you and I; together we shall share My Cross of Peace and Love; ah Vassula, you are My own now, freed and alive! listen and write:

My Vineyards I shall spread even more now, since this generation is so unspiritual, unable to tell their right hand from their left; since they are veiled and living in darkness, I am coming in this way to visit you all; I am returning soon and no man can stop Me; even when those who abide under the beast’s power are sent as a holocaust to trample on My Vineyards, I shall with My Power keep expanding these Vineyards even more; this is a Holy Battle between the Holy Ones and the fallen angels from the Pit; besides, the earth feels the weight of this Battle, no one shall stop Me from feeding My lambs;

I am not just words; I, the Lord, am Power; I do not come to your generation with menaces, I come to ask for your conversion; I come to shine upon you; I descend to you, all Merciful, and with Great Love I come to take you back to Me; I, the Lord, am a God of Love and Mercy; do not be slow in understanding that it is I, the Lord, who shall transform your arid lands into vineyards;

only a little while now, a very little while, and the One you are waiting to come will have come; I will not delay, My Hour is prominent; I have given you My Promise not long ago of My Return and I tell you all most solemnly, that I am on My way back to you; Love is returning, Love shall return to you as Love; I, the Lord, Am Love and I shall dwell among you; try and understand, try and perceive the Times;

I tell you most solemnly that unless you repent, fast and pray without ceasing, you will be unable to see My Light; eat My fruits while there is still time; convert and live holy, never cease praying; My Holy Spirit shall continue to spread on mankind; read the signs of the Times; I am Present at all Times;

come, daughter, Love loves you Infinitely;