October 31, 1989

beloved, peace be with you; hear Me:

I teach with love; I have taught you with Wisdom, I have elevated you and formed you; remain in My favour and My discipline; all will come from Me, stay unshaken to My Teachings;

My Vassula, appease My Father’s wrath by pleasing Him, repaying evil with love; appease His Anger on this evil generation with your love; reveal Me in you so that you evangelise with love for Love; God-is-with-you, My child; you have been commissioned to evangelise; I choose weakness to show My Power, and poverty to show My Riches and Wisdom; never make any claims for yourself; stay nothing, reduce yourself even more now, so that I may accomplish My Work;

My Lord and Saviour?

I am; peace, My child, do not fear, never fear My Presence, fear Me only if you rebel against Me; he who is not with Me, scatters; think of this, My Revelation to you does not scatter, It gathers; My Revelation unites you into one Body; have My Peace, My child; remain nothing, remain in Me; I, the Lord, bless you;

(This was said because of the doubts I have now and then that I might be in error …)

(I lean towards our Lady of Fatima’s statue I have on my little table on which I write. I go close to Her right ear, and whisper in Her ear: “You know, Jesus gave me something very precious to guard. It has to do with the Glorification of His Body, It also is for the salvation of souls! So I come to You, dear Mother, and ask you if You could keep It, guard It and defend It for me. Yes, it is the Lord’s Revelation, I transmit It into Your Hands, entirely. In the meantime I must carry on the work of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He Who has risen me for this mission and He Who formed me.” – Soon the dead will leave their graves at the sound of His Voice, all for His Glory. Soon, a Nation will resurrect, a Nation consecrated in Your Holy Name, for this has been made known so long ago.)

My child, nothing will interfere between God’s Love to humanity, even if you are persecuted, worried, and attacked; be prudent and obey God; no one has the right to accuse those that God chooses; I will guard the Revelation as I guard all other Revelations from God; have confidence in the Holy One, He watches over His Works;

reveal God’s Love, My Vassula, without fear; come, be in constant prayer to the Father;

I thank You and I bless You, Holy Mother.