October 30, 1989

flower, My Love offers you Its Gift: My Passion; My Passion; go through it and please the Father as I have pleased Him; I love you passionately and this is My Way of showing My Love to souls; allow Me to be your guide, guiding you in the Path of My Passion;

I teach souls to endure It without complaints and to each one I give according to her capacity; Vassula, learn: to reach perfection there is one road: the Road of My Passion and that is, My Cross; endure It with love, endure It with patience, embrace My Cross; My child, all will soon be finished and near Me you shall be; adore Me, adore Me, I bless you;


Lord, save us in Your love,
let Your Holy Face smile on those who love You.
Our Protector, come to Your Abels. We need You.

come, My child, remain near Me, espoused to Me; understand what I have offered you, I have offered you My Heart and My Love; espoused to Me, I offer you all that I have; I offer you My Cup now and then; I offer you My Bread to keep you alive and I offer you My Fragrance to remind you of My constant Presence; daughter, I and you shall remain bonded together for eternity;