October 22, 1989

(Somehow in the single week I was in Rhodos, people following this revelation arranged two prayer meetings with the local Catholic and Orthodox priests. Let us say, Saint Francis and Padre Pio together with Saint Basil led by our Mother of Perpetual Help arranged those unexpected meetings. One was held in the Saint Francis Church and the other in the Greek Orthodox Church of Annalypsis.)

Dad? I’ve done the shouting as You’ve asked me to do in the message of September 30. I’ve shouted out the Truth.

look My child, bewilder not, for I am the Highest and from above My Word descends to you; I come to revive My Church; remember always this: no power or height or depth can ever destroy My Church; My Church shall be restored by Me again; My Vassula, you are nothing, nothing at all and yet I can use you; by eclipsing what is “you” My Spirit can speak and act in you; My Spirit in you should not meet any rival; have no fear, even when My Spirit meets with a rival, I always make sure to extirpate this rival;

abandon yourself to Me every day, be willing to do My Will and leave the rest to Me, your God;