September 30, 1989

I will rejoice in Your Love forever,
My Jesus, every hour of the day.
I shall not cease in proclaiming Your Love and Faithfulness,
because Love is built to last forever
and firmly rooted in the Heavens and on the earth.
There will come a time when no one will be able to deny this love!

My child, lean on Me, and let Me savour the love you have for Me; ah daughter, all I ask from you is love; acknowledge My Love, let your prayers be like incense, let your heart be transformed into an incense bowl, pleasing Me, appeasing My Justice and My Wounds I receive from My best friends; feel the love I have for you all; believe with a child-like-faith; never try to rationalise, for in doing so you will only be removing the Veil-of-Childhood that covers your eyes;

My Mysteries should be respected as Mysteries, and My Presence in this way I have given you is also a Mystery; My desire is that you give Me every drop of love you have in your heart and I, in My turn, shall keep filling your heart from Mine; bear My Cross for a while now and allow Me to rest;

I want My children to know that in mortifying your senses and your body, all is used by Me in Celestial Works; I use your sacrifices to deliver souls from Purgatory; I warm up hearts on earth for their conversion; I purify your soul; all that you offer Me is used for reparations; it appeases My Justice from flaring up and striking you, it relents Me, it relents Me … My Mercy is Great;

(I felt the devil rage, attacking me.)

do not fear; I, the Lord, am with you; I never leave you a second alone; it is normal that the devil is raging; if you knew how he hates those I love in a special way, understand then, My child, why he attacks you; but I am protecting you under My Cape, I will never have him touch you, and because of this then he penetrates ever so maliciously into souls who listen to him, placing these victims on your path to hound you and persecute you1 to reduce you to total silence; Satan by using these people as his weapon is determined to silence you, because you are like a trumpet on the roofs of all houses, crying out loud The Truth, given to you with all My Authority;

My child, keep on crying out, keep on shouting at the top of your voice: be My Echo, for your voice is My Voice, you come from My Mouth, so keep on shouting, shout to the Nations The Truth! you need not fear, My persecutors will all be blown away, because in reality they are My persecutors and not yours; Falsehood is persecuting The Truth, Obscurity the Light, but in the end, I, the Lord, shall prevail;

stay near Me, little one, devote yourself to Me; allow Me to breathe in you always, be My Head-Rest; have My Peace; augment your faith, it pleases Me; come, we us?

Yes, Jesus; we, us.

1 This reminded me of my vision of January 29, 1989.