September 29, 1989

The Lord bends down to listen to me every time I call,
My gaze is fixed upon You my Lord,
I meditate on You without ceasing,
You are my Food, my Bread and my Wine,
I need nothing more in this hostile world,
my soul is thirsting for You,
my lips are parched for You,
You are my God who sought me
and found me in my wretchedness,
allow me to abide in Your Sacred Heart.

rejection you will never have from Me; every time you come to receive Me, My Sacred Heart rebounds with joy; I have made Myself ever so tiny in the little white Host; in taking Me you are accepting Me, and in accepting Me in this way, you are acknowledging The Truth; I and you are then one, you are in Communion with Me, what more delightful to be together with Me, your God? what more pure and holy meeting? I, your God, meeting you, My creature; I, your Redeemer, and you, My redeemed one; I, Jesus, love you to folly; how could some of you doubt of My Love, defiling this pure and holy Love? how could so many of you doubt of My Holy Presence in the Host?

My Holy Eucharist should not be spilled or treated as though It was not Holy; if you only understood fully what I am offering you and Whom you are receiving in you, you would be blessing Me without ceasing; look! even My Angels gazing at you from above desire this Meal you can have, but not they; yet many of you do not seem to perceive Its Fullness …

I am the Prisoner of Love behind each Tabernacle, waiting and hoping to see you come; approach all you who err still in this wilderness, come to Me pure and clean; let Me rejoice in you; so please My Heart further by repenting, recognising your sins; do not say: “why confess? I have nothing to tell My confessor”, do not be one of these who have lost the sense of sin; you are far from being perfect, yet some of you behave as though you are unsullied and have reached perfection; be humble, be humble, your sins can easily be detected if you pray in sincerity of heart and ask Me to help you detect them;

blessed are those who obey My Law and follow My precepts, honour My Holy Sacraments; blessed are all those who come to Me in full Faith to eat Me and drink Me; I am Holy, so treat Me with Holiness so that I pour on you at this moment ever so Holy My graces which will enliven your soul; I do not hide My Riches away, I give Them freely even to the least of you;

come, I am so eager to be with you so do not hurry and do not be impatient in your prayers; do not flout piety; reflect and meditate on My injunctions; although you cannot see Me, I tell you that My Hand is upon each one of you blessing you, leaving My Breath upon you all;

be one;


It is good for me to have to suffer,
the better to learn your statutes. 1
I know that You make me suffer out of Love.
You are lavishing Your love on me
because You have made me Your offspring.
I know that You train those You love.
You, Lord, are a consuming Fire!

My Vassula, every day that goes by brings you closer to Me; day after day, I give you proofs of My Love and that it is I who manifests Myself to you in this way but your generation is plaguing you; the plague of this generation is called Rationalism, and Rationalism is Deadly; Rationalism descends from the Prince of Darkness, and all those that live in Darkness have this disease, among other diseases; but all that comes from Me comes from Light, and when I descend to My chosen souls to enlighten this dark world you are living in, through them, My Light is disturbing all those whose deeds are evil; My Light is disturbing them so much that they are ready to kill because their wickedness is exposed and their nakedness is revealed for every eye to see; their reaction does not so much differ from Adam’s and Eve’s who were trying to escape and hide from Me;

yes, My child of light, you belong to Me and this is why Darkness is your enemy and your persecutor; the offsprings of Darkness will always persecute My offsprings; My Light is disturbing them; the Hour of Light upon your nations is terrifying these peoples, since they spent a lifetime conceiving mischief and breeding rationalism; the Hour of Light is an unceasing torment for these dark souls who rest in tombs, but I shall let My Light shine on them; My Light shall pierce this Darkness and with My Warm Rays revive everything that has been laid waste; Darkness will no longer cast her shadow over the nations; My Light will flourish their tender buds and My Rays will open her blossoms, and the earth’s branches will turn green again;

never cease praying, My child; Love loves you eternally;