September 28, 1989

My Lord, it is not so easy to grasp Your thoughts. I want to be pleasing in Your Eyes. Sometimes I feel You are hiding away from me. Is it my sins that make You hide?

Vassula, My love for you shall never exhaust; pray more, let Me remind you to pray now and then the prayers I have given you; pray the psalm I have chosen for you; 1 allow Me to use you now and then and when I wish; allow Me to be free and reign over you; so do not fear, depend now fully on Me;

I have elevated you to be with Me and no one else; I will always extirpate all My rivals who approach you, never will I let them distract you, taking your mind away from Me; you are now Mine and forever will be; come to Me and adore Me in Silence; depend on Me fully now, it rejoices Me; depend on Me just as I have taught you; meditate in silence, thirst for Me, I like it! desire Me, be in constant thirst for Me your God;

cease to wonder all the time, am I not the Lord of Lords? never doubt of My Works, I know your capacity; so love Me boundlessly, willingly immolating yourself for others; remain faithful to Me; My Spirit is upon you and will always guide you; speak to Me, why neglect Me? are your worries more important than My Presence? lean on Me, I am offering you millions of times My shoulder for you to lean upon;

come, I want to see your face up and lit with joy, look what I have given you! be like a sunflower, turn your face towards Me and follow My Light, I am not hiding My Face from you! flower! if you stop drooping your head only and look up at Me your worries will leave you; have confidence in Me, offer Me everything and I shall help you;

come, all these sacrifices will not be in vain; your Jesus loves you, 2 have you nothing to tell Me now?….

Yes, my Lord, I have; I want to tell you that You are constantly in my mind, all day and all night long, I meditate on You all night long; I end up my day with You on my mind and begin my day with You on my mind. My soul clings on You.

then rejoice! let your heart and soul rejoice! your King came to you in your bareness and your poverty, your King has covered your nakedness with His Love and His Peace and in His Tenderness adorned you majestically with His most precious Jewels; have I not adorned your head with My Thorned Crown? have I not entrusted you with My Nails? are we not sharing My Cross as our matrimonial bed? have I not revealed to you My Beauty? I have espoused you to Myself; speak, daughter!

My Lord, whatever I say will never be enough! Have mercy on my misery, I trust in Your love, I will be glad to sacrifice more.

then open your ears and hear My wedding song; I know what you are made of: dust and ashes; come out of your gloom by lifting your head, look at Me … I am He who has risen you, and He who keeps your soul tranquil and quiet; enveloped in My Arms I guard your soul; I have given you everything so that I raise your soul to Me;

I have shown My Infinite Mercy and I have favoured you, giving you to drink from My Cup, have I not? seek to please Me, daughter; seek My Ways, My Ways are Holy, so beware of complaining about nothing; I have always been near you, guiding you; come always to Me in simplicity of heart, My Vassula, for your days on earth are but the passing of a shadow, a superficial passage that will fade away; nothing on earth lasts forever;

keep then My precepts and follow My Commandments; I have entrusted you with My most Precious Jewel; guard It, embrace It and hold fast onto It; My Cross of Peace and Love shall be the sweet torment of your soul; your eagerness in sharing My Cross should be an ardent flame in you as it is in Me, your thirst for My Cross should grow like Mine; by now you must have realised how I show My Love; yes, by allowing you to suffer;

soul! I have turned your aridity into a flowing spring, your hostility towards Me into tenderness, your apathy into fervour for My Cross, your lethargy into nostalgia for your Home and your Father; rejoice soul! your King has unwrapped the shroud covering your body and has risen you as He has risen Lazarus: to possess you;

Oh Jesus! You are not very discerning in selecting!

My choice is Mine; I want you to inherit and share My Kingdom in Heaven with Me; every Work I do is for My Glory;

look! you are free now, My dove; I am your Master and to Me you will always come and in My Sacred Heart you will always rest; My Sacred Heart is your cote and your refuge, see? I have trained you to recognise Who your Master is and what He requires of you; your Master and your King requires love from you now; come, return My Love; like a mirror, reflect My Love; I have created you out of Love to love Me; never ever forget this;

1 Ps. 86.
2 There was a moment’s silence.