September 24, 1989

My soul glories in the Lord,
come and help me hear You, feel You,
so that my soul can delight in Your Light.

beloved, feel loved by Me; sin no more; evaluate all that you have learned from My Mouth; courage, daughter; remember, I am beside you and I tell you truly that My Word given to you shall spread like morning mist;

allow Me to use you daily, allow Me to infuse in you My Burning Desires; I want My altar constantly ablaze for Me, your God; you are bound to Me, yet never more free; from the beginning I never imposed on you anything, I have always respected your liberty; remember how I led you step by step, closer and closer everyday to Me?

pray My Vassula, and I shall give you My Strength and the will to continue in perseverance, for My shoulders are weary carrying My Cross and I need willing victim-souls of My Love to rest Me and share My Cross with Me; I love you all to folly and would not want to see any of you lost; I need to share My sufferings with generous souls;

do you now understand Me, My Vassula? the Way to Me is narrow and difficult, it will require from you many more sacrifices than you are giving Me now, but I shall help you carry on; do not fear as you do sometimes; I am leading you to sanctification; I am before you all the time, so do not resist Me; abandon yourself to Me, remember how My Love saves; desire Me and have Me as first, never cease praying; do not give a foothold to the devil to tempt you, cease doubting, for how long yet are you going to doubt?

flower, I know that you are frail and weak but, believe Me, I bear your weakness on My Shoulders; I will carry you all the way to My House; I, your God, have adopted you, have I not? so will I leave My adopted child just because it is lacking strength and are still being wretched? never; I have adopted you to be My Own and you are now truly Mine, feel My joy! I have raised you in tenderness and I have accepted you as you are, with all your sins, your weakness and your faults, to show, through you, to all the world how My Mercy reaches from age to age and how in spite of your sins and your imperfections I am forgiving you fully and I am ready to adopt you all as My children so that you can all share My Kingdom in Heaven;

My Love reaches from generation to generation and always will; take My Hand then and allow Me to lead you all to My House; come now to Me as you are; I love you, My child; come as you are to Me and I shall carry you all on My Shoulders, with love, into My House;