September 22, 1989

(Our Holy Mother’s Message.)

beloved daughter, Abba loves you all;

Praised be the Lord.

tell My children this: peace be with you; My sons and daughters, allow yourselves to open so that Jesus enters into your heart and heals you;

My Message today shall remind you who is Jesus; Jesus is the Source of Sublime Love, the Light of the world; to save you He endured the Cross, disregarding the shamefulness of it; He is meek and humble; come and acknowledge Him as your God, for acknowledging Him is the perfect virtue; feel Him, feel His Holy Presence, learn how to count Him among you, learn to say “we, us”; do not forget Him in between your prayers, have Him constantly in your heart, have Him locked in your heart;

do not take Our Messages as threats, Our Messages are Messages of Love and Peace, coming out of God’s Infinite Mercy;

delight God by reflecting before opening your lips to utter whatsoever; do not allow your lips to condemn you; all that you utter let it prove that you are God’s children with a spirit of holiness, submission and purity; be zealous to serve the cause of right;

today I shall ask you this question, you who hear Me: “do you love your neighbour as yourself?” I want to remind you that even in your weakness you can achieve perfection if you allow yourselves to be guided by the Lord; abandon yourselves to Him daily, offer Him your will without fear; He knows your capacity and will never ask from you anything that can harm you; elevate your souls by praying, grow in holiness, grow in the Love God is offering you so abundantly;

never listen to the Rebel; leave no empty space in your heart for the demon to be allowed to tempt you; abide only in Faith, Hope and Love; let these be your fruit filling your heart; God-is-among-you to provide your soul all that it lacks; the Vineyards of the Lord shall multiply and They shall yield enough fruit to feed thousands;

the Creator is preparing you to enter into the New Era of Love; see your Creator as your Holy Companion, your Father, your Spouse, your Redeemer, your Advisor; praise the Lord for His Merciful Calls, for He says: “I will increase My Calls and will not diminish them; I will draw My children very close to Me to nourish them by My Own Hand; I shall place My Law in their heart and they shall abide and be sheltered in My Love; I will comfort them as I lead them back to Me, back to the Truth, I shall wean them to real Food; dead will be the days where no blessings were welcomed; I shall unwrap the shroud covering the dead and with My Light resurrect them;” Love will return to you as Love and live among you;

meditate on Our Messages and live Our Messages; feel secure, for We are with you all; I bless you and your families, pray, and I shall be praying with you;

come, daughter;