September 15, 1989

(I then went to bed to rest, it was after eleven. I prayed and prayed and before this horrible word, “sleep”, overcame me, I managed to say several KYRIÉ-ELEISSON, CHRISTÉ-ELEISSON, when suddenly a loud Voice inside me that made me startle and jump said: “I WILL HELP YOU!” Several times in the night The Voice inside me was in constant prayer for me. Sometimes I repeated some of The Voice’s prayer-words, although I was not understanding them.)

(Next morning:)

Vassula, I want more from you; are you willing to give Me more?

Jesus, take everything You like from me.

even your life?

My life is Yours.

flower, I shall make you suffer out of Love; remember, sanctification proceeds from suffering; allow Me now to read to you a part from Scriptures; 1 remain faithful to Me, remember, I am The All Faithful, so have confidence in Me, do not resist Me, abandon entirely yourself to Me, I know what is best for your soul;

I am Love;