September 14, 1989

(Exaltation of the Cross)

Vassula, pray more, never doubt of My Love, respect My Law always;

make a place for My Mother, take Her into your arms; I shall wait for you in My Mother’s House, into the Room of Her who conceived Me;

work for Me with untiring effort and with great earnestness of spirit; work with love for Love; worship Me your God and allow Me to educate you, even though it means through suffering; I am offering you My Passion; your lips now should utter only holiness and righteousness, and for My sake adorn Me, beloved one, with words that come from your heart; adorn My Cross with wreaths of love, adorn My Cross with every drop of love in you; endeavour and please Me now, I have given you so much! have Me as First, let Me now feel your zeal and fervour which pleases Me;

I am your Teacher and from Me you will learn; Vassula, pray and ask for My Strength, do not allow Satan to take advantage of your weakness to tempt you; weary not of writing, remember My precepts and follow them; come, I will enlighten you in those things that trouble your soul, am I not your Spiritual Director? so have faith in Me, even in your awesome weakness I will be able to complete this Revelation; understand, My child that by choosing you in your poverty and your weakness, My Holy Name shall be all the more glorified;

I bless you; come, love Me;

(Today it was like all hell broke loose. I was constantly attacked by the demon. I am going through another trial, my soul is tormented.

Later on, in the evening:)


I am; My angel, do not fear, just wait and see how I work; I, Jesus, love you;

I adore You Holy of Holies.

(Still later on: I come back to Jesus for reassurance and consolation. I feel attacked and miserable, how I fear that I’m in error!)

My Lord, guard me from evil and his attacks on me. Keep me out of Satan’s traps. Before my spirit fails me, come!

“Be my Saviour again, renew my joy,
Keep my spirit steady and willing;
and I shall teach transgressors the way to You,
and to You the sinners will return.” 1

flower, have My Peace; pray, My Vassula, so that the demon does not find you sleeping; pray without ceasing; 2 how I pity you … to love Me is to give Me everything, I want everything you have;

Jesus, take everything You want.

…. are you willing to sacrifice more for Me?

I am willing, even if the flesh is weak. I had asked You, my Lord, to drag me if You must. Please do it.

ah Vassula, I want you to do things willingly; I love you;

Lord, I am willing.

allow Me, then … stop resisting Me, abandon yourself to Me and have no fear; peace, My child, the demon hates you and is persisting his attacks on you; do not release your grip from Me, hold on to Me;

2 I thought Jesus wanted me awake the whole night praying. I knew out of exhaustion I would be unable. When Jesus said: “how I pity you”, His Voice was extremely tender.