July 25, 1989

(Patmos, the Apocalypse Island, where Saint John was exiled.)

I brought you to a fertile country to enjoy its produce and good things; 1

My Lord, I ask Your permission to give me the grace to ‘receive’ Your Word, if it is possible, in the cavern where St. John received also Your Word. Lord, from the depths of my heart I call to You. Listen compassionately to my pleading. I rely on Your answer. Amen.

when your pleading began, a word was uttered, and I have come to tell you what it is; you are a man specially chosen;2

What does it really mean Lord?

hear Me, come near Me anytime so that they may know that I Am He; I, the Word, descend among you to forgive you and to bring you all back to Me;

(Message given to the Greek young group who came to Patmos to pray and learn the Rosary. Some came from Athens, others from Rhodos. All joined together in a pilgrimage to Patmos.)

awake! beloved ones; I am your Saviour, the Crucified, your Redeemer; feel My Love…

for your sake I have come to increase love and diminish evil; I come to provide your soul with all that it lacks; have no fear little ones, am I not Bountiful? am I not the Highest? so have confidence, for you are in your Father’s Arms; I, the Holy Trinity, am One and the Same;

abandon yourselves entirely into My Arms and allow Me to form you into Living Columns of Light, allow Me to share all that I have with you; I love you! beloved, the light in this dark world flickers, for the evil one is extinguishing the little light that is left now in this world;

your generation delights unmercifully to call evil, good, and good, evil; without any pity they ceaselessly blaspheme My Holy Name, ever so ready to face evil and kneel at his feet, how I suffer to watch all this! feel My Sacred Heart how It is lacerated, how It bleeds to see this dead era struggling to cut off their umbilical cord attached to Me, so that they may delightfully call themselves: Godless; so that they may say: “no need to think about whom we belong to; see, we are freed, we shall now go out and construct a Tower of Babel, have we not done this before? why be attached to God? what do we gain by His Law?”

they are doing all these things because they have never known either the Father or Myself; most of this generation are worshippers of Baal; yes, they are the descendants of their ancestors who worshipped false gods; all they do is wither their soul for they have snapped their navel string attached to Me and that nourished their soul … they are heading willingly into the eternal fires, they are assailing My Holy Name and deliberately are provoking Me …

come, I have called you and you have heard Me; I Am your Lord and you My People, My Own; accept Me with love and peace; the earth is defiled under this generation’s feet, this is why My Cleansing Fire shall descend from above on them to clean the tarred soil;

lift your soul to Me and be one with Me; have My Peace; I bless you all and all that you have brought to be blessed, My Sigh is upon each icon and religious object;

be one;

(The above message was given after the ‘ship incident’. While sailing from Rhodos to Patmos, someone started to talk religion. In 15 minutes, the twelve of us found ourselves surrounded by a big crowd of young people, most of them atheists and arguing with us. They were fighting God’s Word. But in spite of this violent attack and mockery, one of them got converted there and then.)

My Lord,
let them see Your Jealous Love.
You are our Peace and Hope.
We do not deserve Your Love nor Your Mercy.
Be with us for we are weak and frail like flowers
and we need Your Sap to nourish us.

be holy, like I am Holy; read My Word; live for Me and Me only; repay evil with love; be like shoots which sprout from the Vine; soon you will bud and blossom and you will fill the world with fruit; have My Peace, stay on My Bosom; Holy is My Name, so remember to be holy;