July 7, 1989

Teach me to obey You since You are my God, and since it is You who educates me. My spirit is failing me and I feel unconsoled in this exile. Lord, listen to my pleading, where are You?

flower, peace be with you; I am near you, from now on I want you to have more faith in Me; am I not your Educator? so why have you to worry? be in Peace, I am Forgiveness;

remain faithful to Me and leave the rest to Me; I will never deny you My Bread, nor My Love; care for each other; pray often to Me, even for just one moment; I am always before you and I am the Only One who will guide you; feel then confident since your hand is in Mine; I know you are poor, but am I not Infinite Wealth? you need not worry, for it is I who will provide you, never think for one second that I shall leave you in the dark; I will fill your lamp with oil; I will never cease feeding you; little one, I am caring for you; pray without ceasing, allow Me to be your Educator till the end;

caress Me with your love, adorn Me with your prayers, infatuate Me with your simplicity; seek me and you shall find Me in simplicity of heart; desire Me, thirst for Me and never weary to evangelise for Love with love; I, the Lord, love you to jealousy; remain in My Sacred Heart; My Sacred Heart will give you all that your soul lacks; I desire this love since I am the Source of Love;

Love loves you all;