July 6, 1989

Lord, these past days surely You are hiding Your Face from me, I do not feel Your Light as much as before, why are You abandoning me? Lord?

I am; never cease praying;

I am your Redeemer, the Holy One; My love for you is great and I am teaching you what is good for your soul; it is I who forms you, do not think that I am abandoning you; grieve not; you are not toiling in vain; listen, My Vassula, I love you and I shall never cease feeding you My Bread;

hear Me; I am, out of great pity, preparing for this generation a delightful Vineyard; I am like a Vine, putting out graceful shoots; 1 My Blossoms bear the Fruit of Love and Peace; approach Me, you who desire Me and take your fill of My Fruits; 2 they who eat Me will hunger for more, they who drink Me will thirst for more; 3 ah daughter, how I wish that every soul would hunger and thirst for Me! Ecclesia would not have been in ruin as it is now, for of what use to Me are their formalities and their ceremonies when love is missing? can a tree survive without a root? the Root of My Church is Love; if then Love is missing, how can My Church survive?

Jesus, I want to console You.

repose My Head with your love; love Me and allow Me to rest in you; I rejoice profoundly that I shall see you all at My Tabernacle; 4

Love loves you; I Am the Lord, so feel secure;

4 Jesus was referring to those who would be present at the hour of adoration.